Regis College will offer an intensive two-week learning experience that covers the same content and maintains the same academic standards as undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses offered during the 15-week semester from January 2 to 17, 2024. Several intersession courses are conveniently offered in asynchronous online and synchronous Zoom formats. Students enrolled at other institutions are welcome to apply to quickly earn course credit which is designed to be transferable to other colleges and universities.

The condensed, two-week semester allows students to advance their degree program or catch up if they have fallen behind and wish to remain on track to graduate on time.

Students can register here

The Intersession Semester offers students an opportunity to engage in specialized coursework, gain practical skills, and explore new subjects outside of the traditional semester structure. The Intersession program is opportune for students who need to make up classes or advance their degree program and potentially graduate early. The fee for the three credit courses is $250 per credit.

This abridged semester aligns with the Regis mission to increase access to higher education opportunities that help build students character and confidence and prepares them for a career and life of meaning.

Enrollment for the Intersession Program is now open and closes on the morning of January 2.

Undergraduate courses available include:

  • CO 204-01 Effective Public Speaking (Zoom Synchronous Lecture)
  • ED 107-01 MTEL: Comm and Lit. Writing Subtest (Online Asynchronous Lecture)
  • ED 108-01 MTEL: Comm and Lit. Reading Subtest (Online Asynchronous Lecture)
  • ED 110-01 MTEL: Foundations of Reading (Online Asynchronous Lecture)
  • EN 211-01: Writing About Texts (Online Asynchronous Lecture)
  • HFS 150-01: Intro. Health and Fitness Studies (Online Asynchronous Lecture)
  • HI 104-01: US History: 1865 to Present (Online Asynchronous Lecture)
  • ID 304-01: Exploring Ethics (Online Asynchronous Lecture)
  • RS 215-01: Catholicism: Cont. Persp. (Online Asynchronous Lecture)
  • SW 340-01: Contemporary Social Problems (Online Asynchronous Lecture)

The nursing graduate course to be offered in January includes NU 601-01: Nursing Theory (In Person Lecture) and the Doctoral course includes ED 829-01: Co-Curricular Engagement (Hybrid).