students sitting at a table across from staff and faculty as they review their resumesRegis College’s Center for Internships and Career Development hosted a Career Readiness Fair to provide students several opportunities to advance their career or internship prospects. The event, attended by nearly 100 undergraduate students, is one of many services the university provides to students to uniquely position them to secure jobs or internships.

The event included stations for students to engage with Deans, faculty, and staff to refine their interview skills, enhance their resumes, have a professional photo taken for LinkedIn or enhance their LinkedIn page. The event was hosted to provide students with a competitive edge when applying for internships or jobs.

To prepare students for graduate school or a job after graduation, all students, regardless of their major, must complete an internship or clinical before graduation.

“Regis faculty provide students with a transformative education that builds for students character, confidence and the skills to pursue a career and life of meaning,” said Nick Lanier, Director of the Center for Internships and Career Development. “With 97 percent of Regis graduates securing a job or acceptance to gradate, medical or law school within six months of graduation [based on a five-year average], the Career Preparedness Fair is an opportunity for the collective knowledge of the university community to support our students in their pursuit of a meaningful career. The Career Preparedness Fair is a wonderful example of how faculty, Deans and university administrators are all committed to the success of our students.”

The Fair is an example of the depth of services provided to Regis students in their undergraduate journey toward a degree. At Regis, students find support from faculty, university leadership and staff who share their expertise to prepare students for life after college and in their pursuit of a career.

“It [the Fair] helped me improve both my LinkedIn profile and resume to a more professional standard.” said Andre Rodriguez, ‘25, a public health major.

Deans and staff from the Division of Professional Studies, Sloane School of Business and Communications, Office of Marketing and Communications, Office of Student Life, Center for Inclusive Excellence, Center for Global Connections, Office of the President, and Information Technology volunteered to offer their collective expertise to Regis students.

In a survey issued at the conclusion of the event, 99 percent of student attendees found the services to be helpful and of value to their undergraduate experience.

"I really liked the event because I felt it was very informative. I did the resume review, and I got lots of great feedback. There were a lot of helpful resources, like professional headshots and LinkedIn workshops. If Regis didn’t put on this fair, I don’t know where else I would go for these resources,” said Harmony Lopez, ‘25, psychology major. “If [Regis] were to do this again next year, I would go again.”

“The event hosted by Regis faculty and staff was amazing and something Regis should offer more often. I enjoyed having my resume reviewed and the feedback that was given to me will help make my resume stand out in my future." said Heather Holbrook, ‘26 public health major.

Given the success of the first Career Readiness Fair, the Center for Internships and Career Development will host similar events each fall and spring to support student efforts to secure an internship or upon graduation, a job.