The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) promotes student learning through the encouragement of responsible and ethical behavior consistent with the Regis Student Code of Conduct, the Regis Mission, and the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. The Office of Student Conduct is committed to maintaining a community that is safe, secure, and respectful of all without distinction. The Student Conduct System establishes a procedure for determining the facts surrounding a charge that a student has violated policy and for arriving at a fair and informed resolution of the incident.

Student Conduct Process Learning Outcomes

As a result of taking part in the student conduct hearing process, Regis students will:

  • Have a better sense of their individual values
  • Better understand the Regis mission
  • Better understand the student handbook and Regis Code of Conduct
  • Understand the extent to which their actions are reflective of their individual values
  • Understand the extent to which their actions affect others in the community

The Regis Student Handbook contains each of the student conduct policies to which students are held as well as information about the student conduct process.