Photo of an SAT test being takenApplications for all Regis College programs, including nursing and dental hygiene, are SAT and ACT optional.

We asked Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Retention Laura Bertonazzi and Director of Undergraduate Admissions Victoria Rosa what this decision, made in partnership with the Office of Academic Affairs, means for prospective students.

Why is Regis College making the SAT and ACT scores optional as part of its application process for fall 2021? How much did the pandemic impact this decision?

This decision was in response to challenges students have faced in taking the exams during this ongoing global pandemic, particularly for students looking to apply as part of the Early Action deadline. Health and safety restrictions have forced testing centers to close, which also prevents students who have taken the exams and aren’t happy with their scores to retake them. Many high school juniors have been remote learning for almost one and a half years and SAT/ACT scores would not be as reflective of their ability as in the past.

Does going test-optional impact the quality of applications?

Our applicant profile remains very strong without the SAT/ACT factored in. We utilize a weighted re-calculation of a student’s GPA, combined with a comprehensive review of the applicant’s materials including the essay and letters of recommendation. In fact, this has brought forward students who may not have applied to the nursing and dental hygiene programs that previously had the testing requirement but who are academically qualified in all other aspects.

What are the key factors Regis College looks for in prospective students?

Regis looks for academically dedicated students with a commitment to service and leadership who, upon graduation from Regis, will use their education to improve their communities in whatever field they choose.