Unique Program Provides Students with Three Concentrations in One Degree

The Regis Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) program prepares students for a variety of jobs using ultrasound technology, offering three concentrations—abdominal, OB/GYN, and vascular—in one bachelor’s degree. Regis added the vascular concentration last year, becoming the first and only program in New England to provide training in all three concentrations in a single degree, and the only vascular sonography program in Massachusetts.

A photo of two students attending a patient in the DMS lab
Students use the peripheral arterial vascular machine in the DMS lab

Regis’ multi-concentration program meets the hospital demand for diagnostic medical sonographers as well as the urgent need to provide credentialed vascular sonographers to healthcare facilities in Massachusetts. As with other programs within the university’s School of Health Sciences, students in the DMS program are provided an education that fosters the students’ capacity to gain knowledge, develop content specific skills and overall professional skills, and enhance their career goals.

“Our clinical partners appreciate collaborating with Regis students who have been trained in all three sonography specialties. For the past two years, the Regis DMS program has boasted a perfect first-time pass rate on all required sonography exams leading up to graduation. Employers find this particularly valuable because they can hire our graduates right after they finish their studies,” said Cory Finn, MHA, RDMS, RVT (AB, OB/GYN, BR, VT), Program Director and Assistant Professor of Regis’ DMS Program.

The Regis sonography laboratory is equipped with brand new ultrasound systems, an arterial machine, and scanning phantoms. These machines allow students to demonstrate competency in scanning abdominal organs, superficial organs, reproductive systems, obstetrical sonography, and peripheral arteries and veins.

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