Regis College, a leading academic institution for nursing and health sciences programs now offers a fully online master’s degree and graduate certificate in the Regulatory and Clinical Research Management (RCRM) graduate program. The RCRM program offers two concentration tracks focusing on Clinical Research Management (CRM), and Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance (RA/QA).

In 2021, Regis College partnered with Novartis in their novel academy program that offers an experiential and rigorous learning opportunity for those interested in a career in clinical research operations and supporting the development of therapeutic care. The first RCRM cohort evolved from Novartis sponsored collaboration graduated with CRM graduate certificate in the RCRM program in fall 2023.

The RCRM Regis program helps prepare students to develop and train for a meaningful impact in the life sciences and healthcare industry, encompassing the fields of pharmaceuticals, devices, biologics, biotechnology, advanced medical and diagnostic technologies development, clinical trials operations, commercial manufacturing and post-market compliance lifecycle management.

“Regis College has earned a reputation as a leading health sciences and nursing university in Greater Boston and this new major dual concentration graduate program in regulatory and clinical research management (RCRM) is an extension of that portfolio of our exemplary academic programs,” said Prof. Anu Gaur, PhD, associate professor and program director for RCRM Graduate Program. “As technology and innovation continue to address the pressing healthcare needs, this graduate RCRM program offers the opportunity to prepare students to meet with the 21st century research innovation, while demonstrating how to comply with the emerging new regulations environment and adhere to the stringency in medical products development measures for speed to market and eventually for patient access”

With exponential growth in the life sciences industry and post-COVID era, the demand for individuals with a regulatory and clinical research management degree and skillset is anticipated to increase by 18 percent by 2030.

Located near a hub for innovation and the life sciences industry in Boston, Regis attracts innovative industry-active faculty who infuse the classroom experience with practical, real-world applications. Current Regis RCRM students have earned practicum placements at Genzyme, Nova Biomedical, Tesaro Pharmaceuticals, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

The RCRM program provides graduate students a master’s level education that seeks to foster students’ capacity to obtain knowledge, develop content specific skills and overall professional skills, and enhancing prospects of their life sciences healthcare industry career goals. Thereby, the RCRM program also prepares the graduate students to apply their knowledge and advance their professional skills to earn certifications such as Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC), Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), and Project Management Certification (PMI).