Regis students doing pushups on the Quad at the Weston campusWith a majority of Regis College students not permitted to return to campus for the fall semester, resident assistants have devised some unique programing to bring the community together.

Already this semester the group has hosted events not only for students living on campus, but for the entire student body. “We still want students to be able to participate even though they can’t be on campus,” said Erin Gallagher, ‘22. “And programs that we do have in-person are done safely.”

One event open to all students was a dialogue on diversity and racism with Caron Camille, the graduate intern for the Center for Inclusive Excellence. The discussion focused on how students could best support each other and their communities, as well as addressing racism when they witness it.

“Caron is really excited about connecting and communicating more with students about the work CIE does,” said Emily Garfield, ‘21. “This event went really well so we are planning to do more with her soon.”

Recognizing that people may not have been able to work out as much during the pandemic, the RAs recently hosted a livestreamed workout session in the quad. “Among all the things students are expected to do, we wanted to make sure they are taking care of their body and mind,” said Santiago Pedraza, ‘23.

"Regis Fit" over a drawing of a set of weights

Looking for new workouts that you can do at home?

Check out the Regis Fit on Instagram. It features workouts and videos curated by Regis College strength and conditioning coach Renato Capobianco.

Other programs the RAs have put on to give students mental breaks, along with some entertainment, include movie nights and remote charades.

They have also continued the monthly town hall events where students can ask questions, make suggestions, and raise any concerns about residence life. Garfield explained that even though these meetings are remote they are still very well attended and generate a lot of discussions.

And as students have now been living on campus for more than a month, the RAs expressed their pride for how everyone is abiding by the COVID-19 campus protocols and holding each other accountable. “The students on campus realize they are in a privileged position and they are doing a good job,” said Pedraza.