Grant allows for lab renovations and new equipment for the sciences.

George Alden Trust body photoRegis College announced today that it received a $100,000 grant from the George I. Alden Trust for the “Growing STEM: Investment in the Sciences at Regis” project.

“Excellence in education in the sciences is a priority across our university,” said Regis President Antoinette Hays, PhD, RN. “This funding will build our capacity for life sciences education in foundational biology courses and other specialized courses for STEM majors, including in-depth undergraduate research.”

The grant allows for key capacity-building investments in the Watson-Hubbard Science Center including renovating a laboratory space, creating a new and modern flexible-use classroom for STEM, and purchasing new equipment to further expand opportunities in cutting-edge research.

Additionally, the project will advance the university’s strategic goal of increasing educational access and opportunity for all students. During the past three years, approximately one third of the institution’s STEM department majors have been the first in their families to attend college and nearly half of the students self-identify as diverse.

On behalf of the George I. Alden Trust, Chair Warner Fletcher wrote that the trust is confident the renovations and investments will have a positive impact on the university and its students.

About the George I. Alden Trust

George Alden established the George I. Alden Trust on August 24, 1912, for the general purpose of "the maintenance of some charitable or philanthropic enterprises" with specific interest in "the promotion of education in schools, colleges, or other educational institutions".