Celebration Encourages “Ever Widening Circles”

President Hays addressing the audience at the 2017 ConvocationRegis, a leading Catholic university in Greater Boston, marked the beginning of the 2017-18 academic year with a convocation themed “Ever Widening Circles” on Tuesday, September 12.

After the traditional procession from College Hall Foyer, down the Katsura tree-lined drive, University President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN provided the opening address.

“For many of you the past few months may have felt as if a storm is brewing in our country and you are undoubtedly feeling tremendous winds of change in your lives as you start college,” President Hays said. “I invite you today to settle into your new home and know that you are all welcome here. We have worked hard to create an environment where you can feel safe and respected. You belong here.”

Vice President of Undergraduate Student Affairs and Enrollment, Kara Kolomitz, led the student pledge and Student Government Association President, Fred Mathieu, emceed the program.

“We ask you to consider the theme of Ever Widening Circles with respect to the diversity we are so blessed to have at Regis,” said Dan Leahy, director of the Center for Ministry and Service. “We invite you to consider more deeply how your circles of relationships may widen as you open yourself up to the richness of our amazing community at Regis.”

Father Paul Kilroy, university chaplain, and Anabella Morabito, assistant director of the Center for Ministry and Service, spoke to students about the importance of embracing the diversity around them. The remarks included a short video featuring Regis staff, faculty and students from all around the world.

“College education is much broader than the classroom and Convocation brings this message home to us today,” Fr. Kilroy said. “Let’s move prejudice, bigotry, and lack of tolerance out of our circle. Let’s all get in the circle and make it vital to life at Regis. Let’s make the circle bigger and more inclusive because this is who we are called to be. This is Regis.”

Closing the program with a prayer were graduate interns Karen Marquez and Jeffrey Marcano, who asked students to recognize the opportunities to widen the circles around them. The program was followed by an all-campus lunch on the quad.