Regis College is pleased to announce that five faculty members from the School of Arts and Sciences have been granted promotions, tenure, and sabbatical grants.

“The quality of scholarship by these faculty members is impressive and demonstrates the high level of academic excellence at Regis College,” said university President Antoinette Hays, PhD, RN. “They enrich our intellectual community and create a dynamic environment for the next generation of leaders.”

“We work hard to provide our students with the very best opportunities to succeed and that includes maintaining strong standards for our faculty,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs Malcolm O. Asadoorian, PhD. “I am proud of these faculty members who have worked hard to earn these important milestones in their careers. Each individual is committed to academic excellence and service to the university and I am honored to have them as members of the Regis College faculty.”

Kate Edney, PhD, has been promoted to Associate Professor of History and Humanities with tenure. Dr. Edney, who also serves as the dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and associate dean of academic assessment, has more than twenty years of teaching and administrative experience. She has published numerous scholarly articles as well as the book Teaching History with Musicals.She is a highly regarded and nationally recognized scholar in the fields of history, musical theatre, humanities and academic assessment.

Julia Lisella, PhD, has been promoted to full Professor. Dr. Lisella specializes in modernist and contemporary American poetry, creative writing, and women's writing, with particular specialities in American writing of the 1930s, Italian American texts, and the growing field of writing and healing. She is a widely published poet in addition to her more traditional scholarly work, and has spoken at numerous events throughout the country. Her most recent book is the co-edited volume titled Modernist Women Writers and American Social Engagement, published in spring 2019.

Kreg Segall, PhD, has been promoted to full Professor. Dr. Segall has more than twenty years experience teaching English literature. He specializes in 16th and 17th century British drama and poetry, publishing a dozen scholarly articles and presenting at numerous conferences in those fields. In addition, he applied his scholarship in an innovative way with his creation of two interactive fiction games in collaboration with publisher Choice of Games, LLC. One game is based on Shakespeare’s comedies and the other is based on the works of British comic author P.G. Wodehouse.

Shari Litch Gray, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology, has been granted sabbatical leave during the 2019-2020 academic year to study the most modern research techniques for undergraduate students to utilize at the Regis College Zebrafish facility. In addition, Dr. Litch Gray will establish relationships with research labs in the Boston area, apply for grant funding for Regis’ Zebrafish facility, and conduct her own research with zebrafish. Dr. Litch Gray has more than 30 years teaching experience, published several articles, made dozens of presentations and received awards including the New Hampshire Outstanding Teaching in Postsecondary Education Award by the New Hampshire department of education.

Frans Rijnbout, PhD, Associate Professor of Theatre and Humanities, has been granted sabbatical leave during the spring 2020 semester to study causes of the decrease in interest in the small college and the liberal arts. Dr. Rijnbout is an interdisciplinary scholar with 30 years teaching experience including: theatre, humanities, and higher education leadership at the doctoral level.