a professor surrounded by a group of students view a computer screenFaculty in Regis College’s Nuclear Medicine program today thanked Hermes Medical Solutions for their generous donation of molecular imaging/nuclear medicine software that provides Regis students the opportunity to learn on the latest medical imaging technology used to detect and treat cancer, heart disease, and neurological disorders. The software is commonplace in leading Boston hospitals, but not widely available in college classrooms.

The Hermia teaching software suite donated to Regis allows technologists and physicians to collect raw data, reconstruct, and analyze it, for diagnosis purposes. Hermia is the premiere Molecular Imaging All-In-One suite that leverages the power of AI and automation to accelerate workflow, processing, and reporting for all clinical needs in planar Nuclear Medicine, PET, SPECT, CT, and MRI. The software also features advanced and FDA-approved dosimetry tools for efficient and individualized dose planning and treatment follow-up.

Hermia connects to any camera manufacturer giving a clear advantage to standardize results and delivers flexible remote access from anywhere.

“The introduction of this software at Regis provides our medical imaging students a distinct advantage by learning about this new diagnosis tool that is not available at other colleges in the area, favorably positioning our students in the competitive clinical selection process,” said Leo A. Nalivaika, MBA, CNMT, RT(N), FSNMMITS, program director and assistant professor of nuclear medicine at Regis. “Students and faculty in the nuclear medicine program are grateful to Hermes Medical Solutions for their generous donation of this advanced medical software.”

“Regis students are learning cutting-edge diagnostic skills thanks to the software generously donated by Hermes Medical Solutions,” said Laura Burke, ScD, MPH, founding dean of the School of Health Sciences at Regis. “The introduction of this new technology to our nuclear medicine program transforms classroom instruction at Regis and helps students visualize what they are learning with a variety of analysis and reconstruction tools.”

“We are really proud to partner with Regis College and give access to the latest technology within Molecular Imaging Software to their students in nuclear medicine,” said Tom Francke, CEO at Hermes Medical Solutions. “We see it as part of our mission as a leading provider of Molecular Imaging Software to provide the future generation of nuclear medicine professionals with the latest tools, especially as this area of medicine is evolving at a rapid pace and needs to attract specialized professionals.”

Students studying in the nuclear medicine program at Regis enjoy courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Through these classes led by skilled faculty, students learn to use the latest and advanced medical technology to diagnose or treat a variety of illnesses. The classroom instruction is complemented by hands-on clinical experiences where students may apply what they learn in the classroom in a medical setting with real patients. Graduates of the program are well-prepared to pursue a career in medical imaging or a graduate degree.