Following a year of intense preparation, more than 30 Regis faculty and staff have earned an Effective College Instruction credential from the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). The credential recognizes individuals who successfully completed courses on evidence-based teaching practices to improve the quality of instruction and the inclusiveness of learning environments.

Of note, the Effective College Instruction credential is the only national teaching credential endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE). Since faculty spend more time with their faculty than any other college and university staff, this credential will empower students to become more effective learners.

“Regis faculty, with a commitment to the success of each of their students, are implementing and planning to implement evidence-based teaching and learning practices regardless of student level and modality with the ultimate goal of improving student success,” said Dr. Ericka Hollis, Assistant Provost for Academic Innovation and Faculty Development. “To demonstrate the institution’s commitment to student success, faculty are provided opportunities to enhance their teaching skills to provide an overall meaningful experience for all Regis students.”

The credential program strengthened the ability of Regis faculty ability to design and effective course and class; establish a productive learning environment; use active learning techniques; promote higher order thinking; and promote effective learning.