Regis College has Articulation Agreements with a wide range of academic partners that allow for transfer students to continue or their academic journey.

MassTransfer Block

The MassTransfer Block refers to a set of general education, core, or distribution requirements, consisting of 34 college-level credits:

Credits Subject Areas Notes
9 Behavioral and social sciences Courses may be in either subject area
9 Humanities and fine arts Courses may be in either subject area
7 Natural or physical science Must include at least one course with a lab
6 English composition/writing  
3 Mathematics/quantitative reasoning  

These credits, when completed together with a 2.0 or higher GPA, fully transfer to Regis, even if you don’t have your associate's degree. These credits satisfy the general education/distribution/core requirements at Regis, with Regis being able to add no more than six additional credits/two courses.


Regis’s policy for transfer students entering the nursing major requires a transfer student to complete a semester of residency (a.k.a. one semester of courses) at Regis prior to being accepted into the nursing major. With the residency requirement completed, you will join all other students in competing for admission into the Regis nursing program. Review of all applicants to the nursing major occurs at the conclusion of each fall term, at which time Regis will admit a designated number of qualified students.

The decision will be based primarily on the student’s grade-point average to date, with particular attention to the quality of performance in “Introduction to Nursing” and in prerequisite Regis science and math courses. Those who meet the basic criteria for program admission, but who do not gain entry, may elect to be waitlisted and be considered if an opening becomes available*. These candidates will be considered as before, against all candidates; therefore, program admission is not guaranteed. A student denied admission to nursing may continue in another academic major so long as he or she remains in good academic standing and meets the qualifications of that academic major.

* Transfer students who meet certain qualifications from Dean College may be directly accepted into nursing. Please speak with your admission counselor for details.

General Science Classes That Will Transfer

  • Anatomy and Physiology I, II
  • Chemistry
  • Micro-Biology

Recommended Summer Courses

  • Expressive Arts (specifically Spanish in Health Professions)
  • Mathematics (specifically Statistics)
  • Any elective


  • Introduction to Nursing generally will not transfer
  • No class with a grade below a C will transfer