At Regis, we welcome all without distinction and strive to support members of our community who need help academically, emotionally, and financially. With the loving help and generosity of our entire community, the university started the Dear Neighbor Fund in 2010.

Created in the honor of former Vice President of Student Affairs Lynn Tripp Coleman '77, the Dear Neighbor Fund provides specialized support to Regis students in need through the following programs:

  • The Hospitality Center

    University members who struggle with food insecurity can receive help through this program that distributes healthy, non-perishable foods in a discrete, welcoming space.

    How Does It Work?

    Participants can choose from a variety of healthy, non-perishable foods and personal care products to help meet their needs and can visit the center as many times as needed. When possible, the center provides fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Current items available: cereal, canned soup and vegetables, protein bars, toiletries and hygiene items, feminine hygiene products, to-go meals, pasta, sauces, rice, condiments, oatmeal, laundry bags, laundry pods, some clothing (or ability to request items), umbrellas

    First-time visitors will complete a brief intake form and then work with the center’s staff to select their items.


    The center is located in a private room behind the Peace Room in Room 1 of St. Joseph Hall.

    Days And Times Of Operation

    • Tuesdays from 3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
    • Fridays from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
    • Summer (June - August) by appointment.

    For access, email Chanelle Garcia

    How Can You Help?

    Food insecurity is a serious, ongoing issue for members of our university community, and for people worldwide. There will always be a need for donations and financial assistance so the center can maintain operations.

    Members of the university interested in helping can make a financial donation to the Dear Neighbor Fund or deliver non-perishable food and personal care items to the center by contacting Chanelle Garcia or visiting the Center for Ministry and Service in St. Joseph Hall Room 4.

    There are also bins at the following locations around campus: the university library, Student Affairs, and the Regis Children’s Center.

    Items welcomed for donation include shower caps, q-tips, cereal, eating utensils, cheese, seasoning, sugar, water and other bottled beverages, rice, and condiments.

  • The Emergency Assistance Program

    Students who are facing financial or personal crises can receive support through this program.

    How Does It Work?

    Students who need help should schedule a private appointment with the Dean of Student Affairs Walt Horner.

    Because program funds are limited and the university is committed to helping all students, we normally restrict students from accessing the Emergency Assistance Program more than once during their time at Regis.

    What Can The Money Be Used For?

    In previous semesters, funds have been used to purchase textbooks, travel home for a family emergency, or for transportation costs associated with an internship or clinical placement, among other reasons. Funds cannot be used to meet the cost of tuition or housing and is not a subsidy for excessive housing.

    How Can You Help?

    Those interested in helping support the program can donate to the Dear Neighbor Fund.

  • The Housing Program

    At certain times during the year, particularly the holidays and summer break, Regis may offer conditional housing to students who are unable to go home for a variety of reasons.

    How Does It Work?

    Students who participate in this program complete a short application. As part of the application, the students explain how the housing will support them in their academic endeavors and allow them to continue to embrace the Regis mission. Students must also demonstrate that they have established a payment plan for their Regis tuition in order to be eligible for this program.

    How Can You Help?

    The program is supported by the Dear Neighbor Fund and participating students also find assistance through the Hospitality Center.

    To contribute to the program please consider donating to the Dear Neighbor Fund or the Hospitality Center.


    For more information and an application, please contact Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Kelly Golden.

    For support or resources, please contact the Office of Student Affairs via email or 781.768.7050.

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