Expectations of Resident Students

Students seeking to live on campus should carefully read the Regis Residence Hall Contract before signing. The Residence Hall Contract stipulates the terms under which students are permitted to live on campus.

Resident Housing Contract

  • Occupancy Schedule

    Residents may occupy their rooms from the move-in day determined by Regis College until the move-out day determined by Regis College. Residents must vacate rooms by 9 p.m. on the designated day of move-out, or within the posted schedule as distributed by the Office of Residence Life. Seniors leave the day of their graduation at a designated time shared by the Office of Residence Life.

    • Students are not permitted to enter before the designated move-in date or to stay beyond the designated move-out date without an approved early arrival or late stay application. Any student who arrives before a hall opens without being pre-approved will be charged $50 per day until the hall opens and may face student conduct consequences. Any student who does not leave when a hall closes without being approved will be charge $50 per day until their departure and may face student conduct consequences.
    • All residence halls will close during designated break periods, including but not limited to Thanksgiving, winter, spring, and Easter. During these periods, students must vacate the residence halls unless they have been approved to stay.
  • Eligibility

    To be considered eligible for housing, a student must satisfy the requirements below. If a student does not meet these requirements, then Regis may cancel a student's housing or remove them from housing.

    • Be registered as a full-time student and sufficiently attending classes
    • Pay the residential housing deposit
    • Be financially clear through the Student Accounts office to participate in housing selection or university housing
    • Complete all health forms in CastleBranch
  • Liability

    Residents are responsible for the loss, theft of, or damage to, both Regis property and/or personal property caused by a resident or his/her guests. Regis is not responsible for a student’s property, even in the case of emergencies. Each resident is encouraged to take appropriate steps to safeguard his/her property.

    • Regis does not offer storage space for personal belongings. Any personal belongings left in a room following the end of occupancy will be boxed up and stored for two (2) weeks and then donated to charity.
    • In the event of a required mid-semester move out, all items must be removed from my housing assignment within 72 hours or a timeframe dictated by the university, whichever comes first.
  • Damage

    All residents are required to take proper care of all residence halls and areas in their use and to report vandals and vandalism. Residents are responsible for any charges resulting from damage to their assigned room or to residence hall common areas, notwithstanding normal wear and tear, occurring during their occupancy. All damage to walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, or woodwork is to be charged to the individual residing in the room. All damage to walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, or woodwork in a common area (study rooms, hallways, common areas, bathrooms, elevators, etc.) is charged to residents collectively.

  • Emergency

    Regis will respond to and mitigate the effects of an emergency in order to provide for the welfare of its residents. In an emergency, Regis may close residence halls, student rooms, or common areas and/or dining facilities at any time with limited notice. An emergency closure may occur without making any adjustments to room and board costs. If necessary, Regis may relocate residents to other residence halls and/or residence hall rooms.

  • Health and Safety

    Residents must comply with all health and safety directives of Regis College, local, and state government authorities. These directives include, but are not limited to, those related to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), e.g. wearing masks or face coverings, complying with limitations on group gatherings. Regis may close residence halls, student rooms, common areas, or dining facilities due to health or safety concerns at any time and with limited notice. A health or safety closure may occur without any adjustment to a student’s room and board costs. A student who voluntarily terminates their residence in Regis College housing is not entitled to a room and board refund of any kind. If necessary, Regis may relocate residents to other residence halls and/or residence hall rooms

  • Right of Entry

    Representatives of Regis are authorized to inspect individual residence hall rooms. Residence Life staff will conduct health and safety checks no less than one time per semester and whenever there is reasonable concern regarding a student’s health, safety, and/or welfare, or for damage assessment and/or repairs. In addition, all resident rooms will be inspected at each hall closing (e.g. Thanksgiving, winter, spring, Easter, and May). When feasible, residents will be notified in advance.

  • Termination

    Regis reserves the right to terminate a student’s residence in a residence hall due to breach of the terms of the residence hall agreement or for violation of the Regis Code of Conduct and/or Student Handbook. Regis may immediately terminate a student’s residence as a result of behavior that is deemed to be physically or emotionally harmful to others or to oneself. If suspended or expelled from housing, students understand that they will not receive any refund on their room or board charges. Conduct that may result in suspension or expulsion from Regis College housing may include, but is not limited to:

    • Possession, use, or distribution of illegal or illicit drugs, including marijuana in any amount.
    • Illegal possession, use, or distribution of alcohol.
    • Violence or violent behavior of any kind.
    • Possession or use of explosives, firecrackers, firearms, any weapon, or substance that might endanger the welfare of individuals or the community.
    • Tampering with or misuse of fire-fighting and safety equipment.
    • Failure to respond properly to fire and safety regulations, drills, or evacuation procedures.
    • Failure to attend required meetings convened for the purpose of discussing housing issues or other Regis College matters.
    • Behavior that demonstrates disregard for Regis College housing guidelines and expectations.
    • Nonpayment of room and board or other charges.

Residence Hall Policies

For full listing of all residence hall policies, please go to the Regis College Student Handbook: