This volunteer role gives graduate alumni the opportunity to promote the value of a Regis education, stay connected with their alma mater, and build their own networks. Graduate Alumni Ambassadors will be asked to participate in different events, including but not limited to:

  • Admitted student day
  • Program-specific career events
  • New student orientation
  • Admission information sessions

Volunteers are asked to give between one and three hours of time per month. Training will be provided by Regis.


The Graduate Affairs Office and the Office of Alumni Relations Association will provide training and resource materials to Graduate Alumni Ambassadors. Ambassadors are expected to be familiar with materials provided, to abide by ethical recruiting standards, to give feedback to Regis, and to attend virtual training workshops as needed.


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Current Ambassadors

  • Barbara Offner MSN, BSN

    Education has been encouraged in my family. My father held a dual Master's in Geology and Petroleum Engineering. My mother had her Bachelor's in Home Economics. My brother was working on his PhD in Physics when he was diagnosed with cancer, eventually succumbing to the disease. Prior to COVID, I traveled three to four days per week. My role is to provide education and consultation to nurses and other health care providers that manage adult oncology patients receiving immunotherapy as part of the cancer treatment. Since COVID restrictions have been instituted, the bulk of my work is now virtual. I want to pursue a part-time academic faculty position with an online nursing program.

    Read more about Barbara Offner here

  • Maura Murphy, BA, MS

    • Winthrop, MA
    • Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations (minor in Fine Arts), 2014
    • Master of Science in Organizational and Professional Communication, 2015
    • Event and Volunteer Coordinator, Hearth, Inc.

    I planned on pursing graduate studies since my freshman year at Regis, as I was accepted into the Fast Track program. Having that encouragement from Regis right from the start of course played a major role for me. Support from my professors combined with the education I received at Regis finalized my decision to indeed follow the Fast Track program. I knew my education would be worth the effort and I could succeed because of that support. I entered without fear, just with a determination to be the best I could be. Hearth is a relatively small non-profit working to end elder homelessness. Currently that world has been turned upside down. We are working to find safe, new, and intriguing fundraising events. With the pandemic, I am now the coordinator of the food pantry, something we did not have pre-pandemic. I can thank Regis for always encouraging my work ethic and not letting me slip up.

  • Molly Gentilucci, BA, MS

    I love education. If I had the means, I would go to college for the rest of my life and earn degree after degree. I knew I wanted to pursue a graduate degree and, at the time, was also considering a PhD to eventually become a professor. My family and all three of my part time jobs were very supportive and flexible - and I feel so incredibly lucky to have had that support. Additionally, I had a strong relationship with several of my professors and peers. My first internship with Regis while I was an undergrad was with the American Cancer Society in Framingham. This was my first experience working with a nonprofit and greatly influenced by decision to work in the nonprofit world. I am currently the Development Manager for a nonprofit human services organization based in Framingham, MA. I oversee all fundraising programs with guidance from the VP of Philanthropy and Senior Director of Advancement and support from the Annual Fund and Events Coordinator; along with the Marketing team. This year, with C19, a “day in the life” is a whole lot different than it ever has been before.

  • Alberta Adu BS, MSN - PMHNP

    I wanted to practice to the full of extent of my abilities and be able to provide more care for my patients past what the role of an RN would allow me to do. Regis made it very convenient to continue on to graduate studies after receiving my bachelor's. Some of my undergraduate courses counted towards my master's so it really motivated me to continue. Online course offering are also very helpful to accommodate a busy schedule. At my current position at Wellpath with the department of corrections, I administer mostly oral medications to inmates. I hope to be a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner working with adolescents or adults in the next five years and maybe exploring some roles in atypical settings like pharmaceutical or health research companies. Regis held many on-campus programs that allowed you to meet the deans and other administrative staff. They also hosted many on-campus career events. The career advisor was very helpful in setting up appointments to review resumes and answer questions about applying to jobs. I connected with colleagues in the classroom and in the workplace. Many of my fellow students in class are nurses with many years of experience and were very helpful in navigating the field.

  • Ludmila Neves BA, MS

    Regis provided me with a unique opportunity to obtain both a bachelor's and master's degree in just five5 years. I had an all-around amazing experience in my undergraduate studies and the choice to attend graduate school was without a doubt the easiest. While at Regis, the faculty and career services were very supportive by organizing networking events and providing internship opportunities. The support services at Regis played a significant role in managing multiple priorities. I am the Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services at Regis. Throughout the years the university has provided me with many opportunities, and it is a true privilege to be a staff member. I am able to provide Regis students with the same quality support and experience I had throughout my five years as a student. Regis core values have always carried on with me, which is why I find great joy in supporting our diverse learners.

  • Paul Padula BSN, MSN

    I wanted to further my studies into a master's degree towards becoming a NP. I heard great things about Regis and loved the orientation here. After completing the program I felt as prepared as I could be going into the real world. I am a hospital Nurse right now. With the education I received from Regis I plan to further my career as a NP. I am hoping to start a NP fellowship next year followed by becoming a full-fledged NP the following year. The school did a good job of setting up connections for the students which allowed for us to further make more connections with others in the program. It was not easy, but the best two things I can say is time management and prioritization. Those two things along with hard work will get you through this program.

  • Angelina Damiano BS, ABSN

    As I was making my way through my undergraduate program, I had the opportunity to explore many fields within the discipline of health science. After a number of internships and experiences within the field, I constantly found myself gravitating towards the profession of nursing. In light of this, I set out for an ABSN program to fulfill my dreams.

    I found that the ABSN program offered through Regis had key characteristics and aspects that I was searching for and I have not once regretted my decision to go here! I have grown to understand that networking is all that you make of it. Since this realization, I have taken full advantage of the professional relationships that I have been able to form with Regis faculty and the staff at my clinical placements. As I have had many questions about continuing education, I have been able to reach out to and get the feedback from a few of the staff members at Regis, and they were so beyond helpful at giving me important tips and pointers. I believe that I have not only formed good relationships with the staff, but with my fellow students as well. One of the many driving forces that brought me to Regis was how small the program was. I knew that if I was accepted, it meant that Regis saw core values in myself and the other students that got accepted. In many ways, I am very similar to my classmates, which has made it almost effortless to form genuine bonds. We are constantly looking out for each other and doing pretty much anything we can to have each other’s backs while we make it through the program as a cohort.

    My support system first started with my family and friends. I was literally radiating with joy when I got accepted, as I was one big step closer to my dream of becoming a nurse.

  • Mary Stathos BS, MA

    After getting involved with mental health advocacy during my undergraduate career, I found I was extremely passionate about helping people overcome the obstacles associated with mental illness. I became very passionate about destigmatizing mental illness and wanting people to feel confident with who they are as well as feel empowered to change their story. Being able to do this kind of work in the mental health field isn’t possible without a degree and after two years of trying to do the advocacy work in the community after graduating from undergrad, I felt compelled to take the leap! The small class size and individual attention were big draws for me. Collaboration with students happened almost constantly, especially in the last year of the program where the internship class was just a space to collaborate and bounce ideas off of classmates and the professor. Between receiving feedback and doing role plays, the communication within the program happened constantly. As for collaboration there, I worked on a multidisciplinary team and the collaboration was constant, which was a great preparation for the workforce. Regis offered a variety of opportunities to meet future employers throughout the program as well. When I was having a tough time keeping balance, my professors were always more than happy to listen to me because they knew what I was going through when not everyone in my life did.

  • Sara Eglitis MS

    My studies at Regis has provided me the opportunity to expand my skillset into other functions and into positions of increased responsibility and influence. While pursuing my degree at Regis there were several different types of opportunities available for networking and collaborating. The most impactful opportunity was attending classes on campus and building relationships with peers pursuing the same or similar degrees. Regis also enabled opportunities to network with other professionals by being members of organizations such as MassBio and MDG, with some events hosted on campus. I am a scientist in the biotech field. Some days I am on troubleshooting duty in lab and other days I am at my desk reviewing and authoring reports. Over the next five years my professional aspirations are to continue supporting projects that will improve the lives of people by providing high quality research and clinical data.

  • Iliana Guadalupe BS, AMS

    I wanted the best program, the best opportunities, and the best fit for me. Regis is on the map because of their fantastic nursing program. I looked at the clinical placements I could possibly get, the location in Boston, MA (originally from CA this is huge for me), the accelerated speed (I did not want to be in school for another six to seven years), and the opportunity to get a bachelor's and master's through a direct entry program. I could not ask for more. With my cohort, our best form of networking and collaborating is with each other or our professors/clinical instructors. The nursing cohort is so small that they all became my friends as well and the people I met living on campus were critical in being my support system. I could always find someone who understood, or was willing to listen me out. The welcoming environment was unexpected but so meaningful to someone who was in a completely new environment. Our instructors are amazing. I think the majority of them genuinely want to help us succeed and be great nurses. I appreciate that when I have approached a few about questions or mentorship, they are always available to help. I think our location is also underappreciated. We are in a location with so many healthcare professionals that making connections appears easy enough.

  • Nickolas Vargovic MS

    In my new role as the Assistant Director of Employer and Alumni Relations at Columbia University, I oversee a handful of industries and work closely with our employers in each of those industries to best connect them with our students. Ultimately this involves researching and identifying targeted employers based on student interest/industry trend, discussing employers’ recruitment goals and timelines, and assessing their targeted audience for open positions or roles in the pipeline. I further assess how our Centers’ various recruitment events and networking opportunities can be a good fit for the employer while connecting with students. Additional tasks and responsibilities include developing marketing materials showcasing employer offerings, connecting with students during drop in hours for career development related questions, serving as a project manager for a specific event or career fair, coordinating with student clubs on event partnership.

    Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, I was quite aware of the few career paths this degree could take you down. Knowing a graduate degree would open many more doors, I was driven to continue my education. After serving in the role of Health and Wellness Coordinator with Regis College, this experience further supported my desire to continue to support others from a holistic model, taking into account all areas of development. The principles from my degree and experiences in the program have shaped the professional I am today, specifically on how I approach my work, and think about structure and strategy. In addition, I am able to utilize a certain lens of understanding our work and how it fits within the overall landscape. It is this approach that has enabled me to stand out in many ways over my career and even has played a part of how I got to where I am today. My professional aspirations have become more solidified as I continue to grow in my career and I am exposed to various lines of work. Recognizing my ability to connect well with others and enjoying the mentor role I serve in while working within student affairs, it is evident I will soon enough continue my education within mental health counseling with the hope to utilize this degree within higher education and beyond.

  • Megan Alexandre Serra MSN-AGNP

    I was a nurse for 10 years and I wanted to advance my career. I wanted to expand my scope of practice in order to better care for my patients. I had many friends that completed the program and spoke very highly about it. As an anesthesia NP in the pre-surgical department at Brockton Hospital, I ensure that all surgical patients are optimized for their procedure. This includes telehealth pre-anesthesia assessments, chart review, risk assessments, coordination with primary care, surgeons, and specialists regarding pre-surgical requirements and care. My studies at Regis influenced where I am in my career by improving my communication skills among interdisciplinary teams and also improving my assessment skills.

  • Wesley Major MEd

    I was employed as an assistant teacher at the Gifford School and wanted to further my career as a special education teacher. Enrolling in the graduate program at Regis and getting my degree enabled me to become a special ed teacher and eventually an administrator at the Gifford School.

    Regis partnered with Gifford to give a discount on tuition, which was a huge draw for me. Balancing work, school, and my personal life was definitely challenging! Fortunately, the Regis program was very flexible and I was able to take my time in getting my degree. Quitting my job and going to school full time was not an option for me. Classes were offered in the evenings, over winter break and during the summer, which was very helpful. In my current position, I help set education policy, train and supervise teaching staff [and] oversee our IEP drafting and implementation process. Previously at Gifford, I was a special education teacher in a self-contained classroom of students with emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges. Without a degree from Regis, I would not have been able to become a teacher or gain my new position as an administrator. While I think that my "on the job" work experience was most valuable to my current work, my courses at Regis gave me a really strong foundation. I often look back at the courses I took and what I learned to inform my current practice. I am hoping to help improve our school's integration of technology, especially given the current circumstances, and help teachers use best practices for online or hybrid learning. Another one of my major goals is to help develop an anti-racism curriculum and an anti-racist approach in our organization.

  • Valeria Oliveira de Carvalho MBA, ABSN

    [I chose Regis based on] great reviews from past students and the higher NCLEX passing rate. I have a friend who went to Regis for her Family Nurse practitioner and she told me how the teachers were there to help students succeed. If there were the graduate ambassador program when I started at Regis, I believe I would have less anxiety in my first semester. Currently I am a full time student since ABSN is a very demanding course. My ultimate dream job is to work as a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

  • Colleen Ryan BA, MA

    In a tough market, I wanted to ensure I’d be an attractive candidate, and think ahead in case a Master’s degree was required in any future roles I’d be interested in. Regis made it easy and efficient to pursue the graduate courses by only adding one additional year to my education, by taking graduate classes as an undergraduate. I started my career in the hospitality/events industry, but quickly pivoted to marketing so that I could further my writing and strategic thinking skillsets. I work at a mid-sized market research firm supporting their strategic initiatives (like storytelling trainings), maintaining (and soon redesigning) their website, managing our social media platforms, and any external-facing content (emails, conference presentation, public relations, etc). Becoming a direct manager, and continuing to apply my skills to new industries so that I can find one that fits me long-term. Each role I’ve had has helped me to learn a little bit more of myself, and how I want to push myself (i.e. creatively).

  • Sabrina Telemaque BA, MA

    I decided to pursue a graduate degree to focus more on what I want to do in my career and to also broaden my career opportunities. My advisor Dr. Malachowski was really great! She always sent us links to different internships and opportunities. Professor Cole was very insightful and always willing to help work through any questions. My days look different depending on the week since I’m still in training but one common theme it involves a lot of Zoom calls. I see myself growing within Airbnb but eventually branching out to do more NGO as that’s where my passion is.

  • Jennifer Scott Forry EdD

    A graduate of the Higher Education Leadership program, Jennifer served for four years as Resident Director and Coordinator of Off-Campus Programming at MCPHS University and for eleven years in various capacities culminating in Dean of Students Affairs at the former Newbury College before joining Emmanuel College in 2019, where she currently serves as Dean of Students.

    Jennifer Forry head shot“As I continued to advance in my career in Student Affairs I realized I needed further education to best serve my students,” Jennifer recalls. “At the time I was serving as an Assistant Dean of Students and wanted to continue to challenge myself academically in a meaningful and intentional way. While I reviewed numerous programs I knew the minute I had my on-campus interview that Regis was the place for me. The small community complimented by an amazing faculty was the perfect place for me to earn my EdD as a busy full-time professional and a mom of two young children.

    The Regis EdD program is a community like no other and my cohort was on the closest to date to graduate from the program. During my time at Regis, I was sent to Ireland to present at international research and then returned the following year with my classmates to visit multiple universities. The faculty in this program truly care about you as people and want you to succeed. I've always been a person who "has multiple balls in the air" but certainly taking on a doctorate degree took additional work on both the home front and career front. Mostly, I think to take on a degree of this size you need to have determination and grit. An EdD is not a sprint, it's a marathon but when you cross the finish line the victory is that much sweeter!

    [Today] I serve as the Dean of Students at Emmanuel College in Boston. A day in life starts with me waking up and getting my kids to school. I then travel down to Emmanuel to begin a busy day of administrative meetings, problem-solving, and impactful student engagement. At the end of the day, I'm able to return home and be with my family with still being available to the students I serve. Regis empowered me to dream bigger even though I have family responsibilities. It influenced me as a faith-based institution to take my next professional step at a faith-based institution. It developed me as a critical thinker that can positively impact the communities I serve. Over the next five years, I see myself continuing to work with students in a meaningful way and review where I want my career advancement to take me.”