Why a Service Immersion Trip?

As a Catholic university, founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, Regis seeks to offer students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to serve dear neighbors without distinction. One of the ways in which we offer students the experience of serving their dear neighbors nationally and internationally is through our service immersion programs. Many students consider these trips among the most transformative experiences in their lives.

Regis students gather during a service project
Through the Center of Ministry and Service I have been able to go on two service trips, to South Dakota and L.A./U.S. Mexico Border. Both trips have had a profound impact on my life and have allowed me to gain insight into the injustice occurring within our own country. These trips have allowed me to stand in solidarity with outcasted or unfairly treated groups of people and to fight for what is right.
Cassie Barry '21
A Regis student sawing wood during a service project

How do I go on a Service Immersion Trip?

Every year at the beginning of the fall semester, the Center for Ministry and Service offers info sessions regarding the trips that will be offered during the academic year. These info sessions are essential to learning about the trips and the application process. Applications for all trips are posted at the end of September and candidates are chosen by mid-October. Applications for domestic service trips are filled out using Microsoft forms. However, applications for international service trips are completed through the Global Connection Study Abroad Portal. After filling out the application, you will be called for an interview with the leadership team of the respective trip. Following the interview you will be notified of your acceptance to the trip.

What kind of commitment does a Service Immersion Trip entail?

Going on a service trip is extremely rewarding (and fun!) but it is a responsibility that we take seriously. Each student who is accepted to go on a service trip is enrolled in a one-credit co-curricular course. This course meets weekly through the time leading up to the trip. In these weekly meetings, students are able to: form a trusting community, raise funds necessary to travel, and learn about the culture, history, and social background of the place where they will be serving. Class attendance, participation, and fundraising is essential for a student to travel on a service trip.

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