Policies Regarding Tuition, Fees, and Housing and Food

These refund policies apply to a student who withdraws, drops out, takes a leave of absence, or otherwise fails to complete an enrollment period. Enrollment periods are either equal to or greater than 15 weeks or all others, i.e. summer, eight-week term, or intersession. A separate refund schedule applies to Regis College Online.

The following schedule for terms equal or greater than 15 weeks is used to determine the portion of tuition, housing and food charges, and course-related fees that will be refunded depending upon the withdrawal date from a course or from Regis. The date of withdrawal is generally considered to be the last day the student attended classes. Deposits and certain fees are not refundable at any time.

Terms Equal or Greater Than 15 Weeks
Date of Withdrawal Refund
Prior to start of classes 100%
During first and second weeks of classes 80%
During third week of classes 60%
During fourth week of classes 40%
During fifth week of classes 25%
Withdrawal after the fifth week of classes No refund
All Other Terms
Date of Withdrawal Refund
Prior to start of classes 100%
During first or second class 80%
During third class 60%
During and after fourth class No refund
Regis College Online Program
Date of Withdrawal Refund
Prior to start of class 100%
Five days from start of class 100%
After day five of week one of classes No refund

Military Deployment Refund

Upon request, Regis will issue a full (100%) refund of tuition and fees to students who are deployed to military service during an academic term. Covered military service includes any branch of the U.S. armed services, including National Guard or military reserve. Regis will grant the refund only for the academic term which the student will not be able to complete. The student must submit a written request for this refund to the Regis Student Accounts Office and must include official documentation of the deployment. A student with a dependent child whose spouse is deployed on covered military service is also eligible for this refund, but must provide additional documentation regarding their marriage and dependent child.

Credit Balances from Non-Title IV Funds

If your student account has a credit balance, the Student Accounts department will initiate a student account refund. Pending financial aid does not qualify for a refund. Credit balances will be refunded via electronic payment or via paper check. Refunds will be released starting one week after the add/drop period has ended each semester/term and only when a credit actually exists on a student’s account. Following the add/drop period, refunds will be released on a weekly basis throughout the semester. Students that have elected direct deposit will have their funds automatically released to their preferred bank account on record. Students manage their student account and bank information through Hub.

Student’s that drop before the start of the semester/term will have their funds refunded up to 45 days from when the credit on the account was created. All student accounts are audited throughout the semester to ensure credit balances are refunded as scheduled.

Any questions about refunds should be directed to student.accounts@regiscollege.edu.

Credit Balances for Title IV Funds

Credit balances resulting from Title IV are released up to 14 days from the disbursement date as showed on the student accounts portal. Pending financial aid does not qualify for a refund. A repayment to the Federal Title IV financial aid programs may be required by the student when funds have already been disbursed to the student from financial aid funds in excess of the amount of aid earned during the term.

Any questions about Title IV refunds should be directed to financial.aid@regiscollege.edu.

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