If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact the COVID-19 Response Team.

COVID-19 Immunization Recommendation and Requirement for Off-Site and Preceptorship Sites

All students, faculty, and staff who live, learn, and work on campus are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated for COVID-19. This recommendation can be met with COVID-19 vaccines having FDA (Food and Drug Administration), EUA (emergency use authorization) and/or WHO (World Health Organization EUL (emergency use listing) approval.

While Regis no longer requires COVID-19 vaccination, it may still be mandated at many off-site clinical and preceptorship sites. Students must comply with the COVID-19 vaccination requirement(s) imposed by their internship, clinical, fieldwork placement, or external site. Failure to comply with these requirements may prevent students from making academic progression.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

General Health and Safety

  • Is there a cost associated with receiving a COVID-19 test on campus?

    COVID-19 tests are available through the Center for Health and Wellness. This requires a visit with a clinician and will be billed to your insurance. Patients need to be aware of their health insurance coverage, including the Regis student health insurance plan, and what restrictions may apply.

  • Is the Regis campus a mask optional environment?

    The Regis campus is a mask optional environment, except at all times in the Regis College Dental Center and in the Center for Health and Wellness when seeing a provider for a sick visit or if required to wear a mask per Massachusetts Department of Public Health COVID-19 isolation or exposure guidelines.

    • Regis strongly supports community members who choose to wear a mask.
    • Please continue to follow public health guidance and wear a mask if you are at a higher risk or have concerns about your health.
  • I am a residential student who has tested positive for COVID-19, how do I self-manage my isolation?

    Residential students can choose to complete their isolation at home or in their on-campus room. Students should discuss with their roommate(s) about completing their isolation on campus.

    • Residential students who choose to isolate on-campus must remain in their room.
    • Students who are in isolation may pick up “grab and go” meals from the Main Dining Hall while wearing a mask and should return to their private residence to eat.
    • Wellness Housing is available only to residential students who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are required to isolate but cannot do so in their assigned room, and have a home address of more than 300 miles from Regis.

Academic Information

  • What do I do if I need to miss class or clinical due to COVID-19?

    If you are experiencing COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 you should not attend class, clinicals, labs, or campus events.

    Faculty will work with students to ensure they have every opportunity to make academic progress. Please work directly with your instructor to notify them of your absence and to determine how you can make up missed assignments and/or simulation lab time.

    Students missing a clinical day should follow programmatic procedures and reach out to their faculty member or clinical coordinator with questions.

Visitor and Event Policies