The First-Year Experience Common Reading Program is designed to provide new students with a common intellectual experience, foster conversation and community building throughout the university. Regis encourages students, faculty, and staff to incorporate the selected works and their themes into course curricula and co-curricular programming throughout the school year. The Common Experience is designed to foster intellectual engagement across disciplines and spark dialogue in and outside of class.

The Regis Common Experience committee has selected How to Be Perfect by Michael Schur (creator of The Good Place and co-creator of Parks and Recreation) for the 2023-2024 academic year. First-year students will have the opportunity to explore themes from the text including ethical decision making, identity, integrity, and the overall pursuit of happiness in their FYS and EN 105 courses in addition to co-curricular events.

Students will receive the Common Read book at Summer Orientation. If you are not able to attend and need the text, please contact Erin Wisniewski.