The First-Year Experience Common Reading Program is designed to provide new students with a common intellectual experience, foster conversation and community building throughout the university. Regis encourages students, faculty, and staff to incorporate the selected works and their themes into course curricula and co-curricular programming throughout the school year.

13th movie posterLife is Beautiful movie posterThe 2020-2021 Regis Common Experience will focus on two films: Life is Beautiful (1997) and 13th (2016). The Common Experience is designed to foster intellectual engagement across disciplines and spark dialogue in and outside of class.

First-Year students will have the opportunity to explore themes in these films in FYS and EN105 courses in addition to co-curricular events. Life is Beautiful, set during WWII, looks at the power of love and a father’s sacrifice to shield his son from the horrors of the Holocaust through play and humor. 13th is a powerful documentary examining the history of racial inequality in the United States and its connection to our prison system.

Intertextual themes such as how we respond to chaos and evil, finding voice and identity, creating change and building community speak to current events including the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.

13th is available to view on Netflix and for free on YouTube.

Free login information to view Life is Beautiful will be provided to students. You can watch the movie trailer is here.

The 2019/20 Common Reading Committee