New Student Housing Placement

Starting June 1, all deposited new students may fill out their housing application and select a roommate on the Adirondack Portal. The video below shows step-by-step how complete this process. If you have additional questions, please reach out Residence Life. Please note that first year students do not select their specific room. Residence Life will notify you of your specific assignment in late July/early August.

Housing is guaranteed for all new students who deposit by August 1. After August 1, student will be on a waitlist and placed as spaces become available, with housing only guaranteed to those who deposit before August 1. More information for new students starting fall 2022 will be available soon.

  • Returning Students

    In order to be eligible for housing selection for the 2022-2023 academic year, students must be in good financial standing. For the 2022-2023 academic year, Regis College will not be requiring an up-front payment of the $450 housing deposit. Instead, students who cancel housing after August 1st will be charged a $450 cancelation fee.

    More specific information about 2021-2022 Housing Selection can be found at the link below. This will be updated with information for 2022-2023 in February.

    General information about the housing selection process and accommodations.

    Housing is guaranteed for all students who have made are financially clear by August 1. Students who are financially clear after August 1 will be on a waitlist and placed as spaces become available, with housing only guaranteed to those who are financially clear before August 1.

  • Graduate Students

    Graduate housing is available, but is limited on campus. Graduate students do not take part in the housing selection process outlined above as they will be placed manually apart from the undergraduate selection process.

    Graduate housing is located in St. Joseph Hall. Students live in single rooms.

    To be considered for graduate housing, students should contact John Hernandez, director of Residence Life.