We have learned very quickly there are many adjustments, sacrifices, and challenges that come with starting a new school year in the age of COVID-19.

  • Sick Days

    Sick days may be used for the first five business days you are in quarantine or isolation and should be entered into Paycom. If you are medically unable to work for more than five business days, you will need to apply for short-term disability through Guardian, as well as submit a request form to Human Resources. For questions regarding sick leave and short-term disability, please contact Jessica Szymczak Roy in Human Resources. Please do not provide any medical information directly to your supervisor.

  • Faculty Instruction

    Faculty who are immunocompromised or have other concerns regarding teaching on campus need to request accommodation from their individual program director, dean, and the Department of Human Resources.

  • Employee Accommodations

    Regis College recognizes this is a challenging time for employees and their families. COVID-19 has presented many unforeseen complications that have forced our community to adjust rapidly.

    Special accommodation requests should be made to the HR Benefits Manager. All such accommodation requests need to be approved by the Department of Human Resources.