The Office of Graduate Affairs at Regis College is committed to supporting graduate, doctoral, degree completion, and professional studies students to ensure a positive and enriching student experience. With more than twenty challenging academic programs, dedicated faculty, and comprehensive student services, Regis is committed to your academic and professional success. You will find exceptional educational opportunities, faculty and advisors committed to your academic success, and helpful and responsive staff available to support you, as you work to reach your goals. The Office of Graduate Affairs is your link to all that Regis offers!

  • Academic Advising and Resources

    Academic Advising

    All graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor. Faculty Advisors offer academic advising, make referrals to Regis support services, provide general guidance and serves as an academic support system as students work to meet educational goals.


    The Library is a valuable resource for research and study. Reference and research help is available on a walk-in or appointment basis for all Regis students. The library offers 24/7 access to numerous online research databases, and library staff are available to support you and help meet research needs. To learn more, refer to the Library information page or contact a librarian directly.

    Learning Commons

    The Learning Commons offers students’ academic coaching, research support, collaboration opportunities and tutoring. Students are free to come to campus for in-person support or take advantage of Smarthinking, the 24/7 online tutoring services.

    Accessibility Services

    The Office of Accessibility Services at Regis is committed to providing all students equal access to learning opportunities, programs, resources, and facilities. The office coordinates support services and reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

  • Graduate Assistantships

    Graduate Assistantships

    Regis College Graduate Assistants serve in support roles within individual offices on campus while completing their graduate degree.

  • Health and Wellness

    Health Services

    All Regis students are eligible for medical care at Regis Community Health Services. The office staff includes nurse practitioners, a registered nurse, and administrative support staff, all of whom provide a broad range of services. We encourage all Regis College students, faculty, and staff to use the Health Services Clinic.

  • Professional Development

    Training and Professional Development Classes

    Regis provides free, non-credit software training classes. Classes Excel, PowerPoint, Word, LinkedIn, Zoom, and Office 365 are available through Training and Professional Development. See the complete training list on the Training and Professional Development site on SharePoint.

    Career Services

    The Graduate and Professional Career Planning team offers customized assistance based on your career goals and professional needs. Our highly skilled career professionals are available to meet with you in person, over the phone or you can arrange a Zoom meeting!

  • Housing and Campus Life

    Student Engagement

    Graduate students are an essential part of the Regis community, and we are always looking for new ways to engage you in our vibrant campus. Whether you are enjoying lunch with President Hays, login to a career webinar, participating in service opportunities or studying in the Graduate Student Lounge, we hope Regis will become your second home. Look out for GradWire, the monthly graduate student newsletter, to stay up-to-date on community events, student services and important dates, deadlines!


    The majority of Regis graduate students live off campus. However, the university does offer a limited amount of on-campus graduate housing.

    Dining Venues

    Graduate students have a variety of on-campus dining options. Whether you are looking to enjoy a sit-down meal with a classmate, or you want something to grab and go, with four on-campus dining venues, including Dunkin' Donuts, there is a place for you.

  • The Center for Student Services (CSS)

    The Center for Student Services (CSS)

    Regis is committed to an uncomplicated student experience, the Center for Student Services offers one-stop administrative assistance with the co-location of the Registrar’s Office, the Bursar, Financial Aid, along with others. Get your Student ID and so much more in the Center for Student Services!

  • Graduate Orientation

    Graduate Orientation

    Meet the faculty and staff who will support you in your academic journey, learn about the services and resources available to you, and familiarize yourself with Regis College in general.