The Office of Parent and Family Relations is responsible for engaging the parents and families of our undergraduate student population to ensure student success at Regis.

For our new students, the Office of Parent and Family Relations sponsors our Parent and Family Orientation program which encompasses opportunities to engage with university administrators, faculty, and staff. During this day-long orientation, families will learn about how to support their students as they navigate college and provide support so their student can succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

In order to keep our parents and families informed of campus events and important information, a parent and family e-newsletter is sent twice a semester.

Each fall, parents and families are invited to campus for Regis Fest: Family and Friends Weekend. This is an opportunity to be join the community for a weekend of community service, campus activities, and athletic events.

If parents and families have any questions, they can contact the parent and family liaisons at Regis:

For Academic Related Questions

For Student Related Questions