Check back for information regarding future service trips. In the meantime, here's a look at previous trips:

New Orleans Service Immersion Trip

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans area, leaving massive, almost indescribable destruction in her wake. Fourteen years later, an estimated 3,000 families who owned homes before Hurricane Katrina still do not have the funds or resources necessary to rebuild. These families are the people who you will be serving in your time there. On this trip students will join St. Bernard Project on their mission to provide housing for all those whom were affected by Hurricane Katrina. As a volunteer, mornings are spent helping rebuild a family's home and evenings are spent exploring the city of New Orleans and learning about the its unique cultural aspects.

Los Angeles and U.S. Mexico Border Service Immersion Trip

The Service Immersion Trip to Los Angeles and the U.S. Mexico Border first started at Regis in December 2016, since it's founding it has grown and continued to impact the lives of student participants. On this trip Regis students are exposed to the reality of poverty and homelessness in the urban inner city of Los Angeles. Students will be taken to the Dolores Mission Parish in the city of Boyle Heights, right outside of downtown Los Angeles. Regis students will also have the opportunity to work directly with Homeboy Industries, a nationally acclaimed gang-intervention program founded by Fr. Greg Boyle – author of Tattoos on the Heart. During the other half of the trip students will work with Border Angels, an all volunteer, non-profit organization that advocates for human rights and humane immigration reform with a special focus on issues related to the US-Mexico border. Students will learn first-hand about the different issues affecting our country, among them; gang violence, immigration, addiction, homelessness, and income inequality.

Kenya, Kisumu County Service Immersion Trip

The service immersion trip to Kisumu, Kenya is a once in a lifetime opportunity! On this trip students will travel to Nairobi and then head to Kisumu County in Kenya to work in the Manyatta Slums. The delegation will be working in partnership with local schools to promote life skill lessons to kids five through 12. Lessons include a health fair (past topics ranged washing hand, brushing teeth, women’s heath). Students will also have an opportunity to work on a Manyatta Slum community clean-up and a community wide soccer tournament. While the service immersion trip will mostly take place in Manyatta Slums, towards the end of the week students will head to the Masai Mara reservation to experience a safari for three days and two nights. To participate in the Kenya service immersion trip students must have prior experience with at least one Regis sponsored service immersion trip.

A photo of Danqing Ziao holding a trash bag with a local woman with a crowd of other members of the clean up crew behind them

Inspiration Abounds

Regis has a global impact with immersion trips that allow students to serve throughout the world. A recent trip to Kenya taught members of the Regis family the true meaning of community.

Puerto Rico Service Immersion Trip

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria struck the island of Puerto Rico affecting the lives of all Puerto Ricans and uprooting millions of family. To this day reconstruction efforts continue, and millions of families still are not able to experience the stability that they enjoyed before this catastrophic event. On this service immersion trips, students will have the opportunity to work with Community Collaborations International in helping families rebuild their homes and provide desperately needed building supplies and other necessities for families struggling without flood insurance and limited government support. Student will also have the opportunity to support Boy's and Girl's Clubs and Head Start Programs with tutoring and school repair. During the week, we will likely participate in helping restore the devastated environment and parks that are vital to the ecosystem and economy of Puerto Rico by doing a clean-up. And after a week of hard work, we will enjoy the beauty that the island has to offer and participate in touristic attractions.

Appalachia Service Immersion Trip

Health Services staff and students will travel to Louisa, KY to provide service at Addiction Recovery Care (ARC), an addiction recovery center in the heart of Appalachia. The group will also serve the homeless population with Hope Ministries at The Neighborhood center in Ashland, KY. This experience will give undergraduate students the opportunity to enrich their understanding of the healthcare disparities within their own country. They will also witness first-hand the healthcare needs of the people of the Appalachian communities.

Health Services Summer Medical Service Trip

For nursing and health sciences graduate students

In collaboration with the Health Wagon of Wise, VA, Health Services staff and students will take part in the organization, set up and implementation of the Mountains Medical Mission Health Fair. This fair will service the large population of Wise County in the heart of Appalachia. Students will actively participate in hands-on clinic work as well as various other tasks under the direct supervision of Health Services staff.