New Orleans Service Immersion Trip

Winter Break: December 2018

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans area, leaving massive, almost indescribable destruction in her wake. Thirteen years later, an estimated 3,000 families who owned homes before Hurricane Katrina still do not have the funds or resources necessary to rebuild. These families are the people who you will be serving in your time there. On this trip students will join St. Bernard Project on their mission to provide housing for all those whom were affected by Hurricane Katrina. As a volunteer, mornings are spent helping rebuild a family's home and evenings are spent exploring the city of New Orleans and learning about the its unique cultural aspects. Applications for the NOLA Service Immersion Trip open in September 2018.

Los Angeles and U.S. Mexico Border Service Immersion Trip

Winter Break: January 2019

The Service Immersion Trip to Los Angeles and the U.S. Mexico Border first started at Regis in December 2016, since it's founding it has grown and continued to impact the lives of student participants. On this trip Regis students are exposed to the reality of poverty and homelessness in the urban inner city of Los Angeles. Students will be taken to the Dolores Mission Parish in the city of Boyle Heights, right outside of downtown Los Angeles. Regis students will also have the opportunity to work directly with Homeboy Industries, a nationally acclaimed gang-intervention program founded by Fr. Greg Boyle – author of Tattoos on the Heart. During the other half of the trip students will work with Border Angels, an all volunteer, non-profit organization that advocates for human rights and humane immigration reform with a special focus on issues related to the US-Mexico border. Students will learn first-hand about the different issues affecting our country, among them; gang violence, immigration, addiction, homelessness, and income inequality. Applications for the LA and U.S. Mexico Border Service Immersion Trip open in September 2018.

Haiti Service Immersion Trip

Spring Break: March 2018

In March 2019, Regis students will travel to St. Rock, Haiti for the inaugural Service Immersion Trip to Haiti. Regis Center for Ministry and Service has partnered with Saint Rock Haiti Foundation to offer students the opportunity to travel to Haiti and learn first hand about SRHF's mission to provide access to health care and education to the people of St. Rock. SRHF is motivated by the inherent worth of each individual and their great care for the people of Haiti, to work side by side with the people of Saint Rock and the surrounding rural communities to enhance their lives through: Providing quality primary health care; Helping children and young adults access valuable education opportunities; Instituting community outreach programs that support economic sustainability; Investing in infrastructure to support overall health; and Empowering members of the community to advocate for their rights. Applications for the Haiti Service Immersion Trip open in September 2018.

South Dakota Service Immersion Trip

Summer Break: May 2019

Regis students who participate in the South Dakota Service Immersion Trip travel to La Plant, South Dakota, to work with Simply Smiles at the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. Throughout the week Regis students are exposed to the harsh realities that the Lakota people face every day on the reservation. Students will work predominantly with children through the Simply Smiles summer camp. Students will also offer workshops to children and adults on life-skills such as STEM education, sustainable living, arts and crafts, sport education, gardening, and more. Applications for the South Dakota Service Immersion Trip open in January 2019.