The PRIDE Scholars Program is a grant-funded student success and leadership development program. PRIDE offers an additional layer of personalized academic support as well as service and leadership opportunities through all four years of your college experience. We believe that a unique learning community, with comprehensive support, can strengthen every student’s ability to work to his or her fullest potential and build lifelong connections.


PRIDE Scholars achieve higher levels of academic success; they earn more academic credits in their first year and have higher attendance rates and grade point averages. Our PRIDE students report the highest levels of satisfaction throughout an university-wide survey and participate in:

  • Learning Communities–PRIDE scholars enroll together in certain courses, allowing them to collaborate and share common experiences.
  • Academic Coaching–PRIDE Scholars are paired one-on-one with an academic coach for personalized learning support designed to help students develop academic goals, master study skills for higher education success, navigate university resources, and more.
  • Peer Mentoring–new PRIDE Scholars are connected with a returning PRIDE Scholar who is available for advice, mentoring, guidance, and support.
  • Leadership, Service, and Skill-building Opportunities–through weekly small group seminars and experiential learning courses that only PRIDE Scholars may take.
  • Early Move-In Program–incoming PRIDE Scholars are among a select group of students welcomed to campus early to enjoy community building and service activities.

Due to limited space, we can only accept 20 students each year.

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