In order to reduce the potential impact of COVID-19 on the health and wellness of the Regis community, transcripts cannot be picked up at the Center for Student Services until further notice. Please provide a mailing address when requesting transcripts. Additionally, processing times may take longer than normal.

The Registrar’s Office is the official record keeper for students of Regis College as well as Aquinas Junior College (now closed).

Important Information – Please Read!

  • Requests are typically processed three to five business days after being received by the Registrar’s Office. However, during certain times of the year (i.e. commencement, registration, start of the semester, etc.) and for more complex requests, processing times may increase.
  • Students enrolled at Regis College prior to 2000 and Aquinas Junior College: Processing time is typically seven to 10 business days as these records have been archived.
  • Processing times posted above do not include shipping. You should allow an additional five to 10 business days for delivery by the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  • At the time of your request, all financial obligations to Regis College must be cleared. If you have a past balance due, there will be a “HOLD” on your record and you will be unable to obtain a transcript. Once your account is cleared, currently enrolled students need to resubmit another request through RegisAccess. Alumni/former students need to email the Registrar’s Office to notify them that the account has been cleared.
  • Incomplete forms and/or missing information will cause processing delays.
  • We can only verify current and/or previous semester enrollment history. We cannot verify enrollment in future semesters. Please submit your request (including any additional forms) on or after the first day of classes for the semester. Note for loan deferment requests: we do report your enrollment status to loan agencies shortly after the start of the semester.
  • We are unable to provide PDF/digital official transcripts at this time.
  • 24-hour processing may be available, but is at the discretion of the Registrar.
  • Lawrence Memorial students must also request transcripts from the Registrar's Office at Lawrence Memorial.
  • Transcripts submitted to Regis College for admission, and/or other academic purposes, cannot be transferred, returned to a student or forwarded to other institutions or individuals.
  • All Regis College degrees are in Latin. The degree translation can be found here.