• Moodle

    Moodle is a system used at Regis to foster online communication between a course instructor and students. Instructors use Moodle to post the course syllabus, assignments, due dates, and general course announcements. Moodle also acts as a direct link to Starfish.

  • Starfish

    Starfish is an advising and retention management system used at Regis to help support the academic progress of students. Faculty use Starfish to track the academic progress of students via flags or kudos, schedule appointments with students, make student referrals to academic support services like Tutoring or Academic Coaching, and send messages to students.

    Students use Starfish to schedule appointments with their advisor, instructors, academic coach, or a tutoring center, keep track of their own attendance, and view a list of services offered throughout campus.

  • Regis Hub

    Regis Hub is our class registration tool. Students can use Regis Hub to search for information on classes in the upcoming semester, see classes that were offered in previous semesters, check their Degree Audit, see who their advisor is, and more.