All students at Regis are matched with a faculty advisor upon their arrival to campus. Faculty advisors serve as the primary contact for students in regards to their degree completion. Faculty advisors are great resources who ensure that students are on track to finish their degree, listen to students concerns and future career aspirations, offer advice on how to get the most out of what’s offered at Regis, connect them to various academic and non-academic resources, and assist students in reaching their goals after college.

Faculty advisors are not here to tell you what to do—it is the student who is ultimately responsible for making decisions about what they’d like to do at Regis and beyond. Whether it’s to find out what classes to take, how to apply for grad school, or how to find an internship, faculty advisors are here to help students in whatever way they can.

Who is my advisor?

For all incoming first-year students, their First-Year Seminar (FYS) instructor will serve as their faculty advisor. All other students, including transfers, will be assigned a faculty advisor based on their intended major. If a student changes their major, the faculty advisor will also change. If a student is undecided, their advisor will be the assistant director of Academic Advising.

Students are assigned a faculty advisor for each major and minor they have declared. All advisors for a student can be found under the “My Success Network” tab on Starfish, or by checking “My Profile” on Regis Hub.

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with your advisor, students can use online appointments on Starfish. First, click the “My Success Network” tab, and then scroll to the bottom to see your advisor. Under their contact information, you can click “Schedule Appointment” to set up a time for a meeting between you and your advisor based on their availability. If there is no “Schedule Appointment” link, you should email your advisor to set up a meeting.

Required Advising Meetings

All students are required to meet with their faculty advisor at least twice a semester. The first meeting is called a Schedule Confirmation meeting, and this is when a student meets with their advisor in the first week of classes to make sure that the student is taking the appropriate classes to complete their degree. The second meeting is an Advising Week meeting. Each student will meet with their faculty advisor during Advising Week to plan out what classes the student will take in their next semester.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor outside of these two meetings.

How to Prepare for an Advising Meeting

While faculty advisors are here to help students register for the correct classes, get connected to on-campus resources, explore potential career and graduate school options after graduation, students are responsible for doing some preparation before they meet with their advisor.

Before a Schedule Confirmation meeting, students should make sure they have:

  • Registered for the appropriate courses for the current semester
  • Thought of questions they want to ask their advisor

Before an Advising Week meeting, students should make sure they have:

  • Created a draft of their schedule for the upcoming semester by
    • Using the listings on Regis Hub to see course offerings and times
    • Checking their requirements by referencing course checklists on their program’s website, the Eight-Semester Plans, and the Core Curriculum
    • Filling out a Schedule Block Grid to visualize their schedule
  • Thought of questions they want to ask their advisor

All of this information can also be found under the Advising Tool Kit button in the MyRegis App.