Forms Available Online

Most online forms can also be found at the Center for Student Services (CSS).

  • Major/Minor Declaration Form
    Used to declare or switch majors and minors.
  • Authorization for Non-Regis Transfer of Credit Form
    Used to receive approval to transfer in a course from outside of Regis College.
  • GPA/Grade Calculator
    This spreadsheet is a handy tool that students can use to predict their GPA for the semester, calculate how they need to do this semester to get a certain GPA, and track their grades in their individual classes.
  • Schedule Block Grid
    Used to help students visualize and plan out their schedule before their Advising Week appointment. For more information on Advising Week, visit the My Advising Experience page.
  • Course Withdrawal Forms
    Used to withdraw from a course. Please note, withdrawals that cause a student to fall into or below the “part-time” status may affect residency on campus, financial aid, and athletic eligibility.

Forms Available at the Center for Student Services

  • Pass/No Pass Form
    Used to declare a class as Pass/No Pass. Please note, you can only declare one class as Pass/No Pass per semester. This course can’t be a major course or prerequisite, and can’t be applied to certain CORE Requirements.