Ever had a great idea, but limited resources to make it happen?

Interested in developing a project that engages students, faculty, and staff in learning outside the classroom?

The Co-Curricular Mini-Grant Program is here to help you!

Each academic year, the Co-Curricular Mini-Grant Program awards a maximum of $30,000 in mini-grants to a wide variety of co-curricular programs, projects, and partnerships. Proposals for funding are welcome from all students, faculty, and staff.

View the CCMG Request for Proposals (RFP) that includes detailed information about the application process, timeline, and grant-making criteria. Announcements about when proposals for funding are due will be included in the Pride Points newsletter.

Please download and review this document carefully before submitting your proposal.

Funded in partnership with the Student Government Association, Student Affairs, and Academic Affairs, the Co-Curricular Mini-Grant Program (CCMG) is designed to:

  • Spark collaboration among faculty, students, and staff by providing funding and resources to develop innovative and results-driven co-curricular programs and projects.
  • Deepen student learning by generating new co-curricular opportunities that are linked to the Regis Educational Goals and Learning Outcomes (see attached) and focused on complementing the learning that occurs both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Build community by establishing new (and strengthening existing) on-campus networks and off-campus partnerships.

Special Initiative – Inclusive Community Fund: The Grantmaking Committee has partnered with the Regis UNITY Committee to offer a total of $5,000 in funding focused on projects that promote meaningful interactions among community members and intentionally engage diverse people, thoughts, ideas and teachings. The Inclusive Community Fund co-curricular projects must involve cross-campus collaborations and should include diverse views, cultures or methods of teaching and learning with a particular emphasis on historically underrepresented populations. Using the RFP, please identify if you are applying to the Inclusive Community Fund.

We look forward to receiving your proposal!