The Lifelong Learning at Regis College (LLARC) Brady-Griffith Scholarship Fund (formerly called the LLARC Sharing Opportunities Scholarship) aims to strengthen the relationship between two vibrant cohorts of the Regis community: LLARC members and Regis undergraduate students.

This scholarship helps to support academically qualified students who experience financial hardship while attending Regis. To date, the fund has raised approximately $75,000 and has been awarded to 17 students.

The funds contributed by donors help to support the scholarship recipients' tuition, as well as other educational expenses throughout the academic year. The goal of the scholarship is to provide support from sophomore year through the selected student's senior year, and that scholarship recipients continue to stay in touch with LLARC donors throughout their time at Regis and beyond.

Information on making a donation by credit card or check

Thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated.