A degree audit is an easy and efficient way to check all requirements needed to receive a degree. It reviews overall credits required for the degree, the overall cumulative GPA and major GPA needed for graduation, and whether all required course have been successfully completed. Degree audits are available to all students and academic advisors to insure successful completion of degree requirements.

1. How do I verify my academic information to ensure an accurate degree audit?

The My Profile link through Regis Access displays all official information.

2. How is a degree audit different from a transcript?

A degree audit is an academic tool used to monitor your overall degree requirements and progress. A transcript is an official document of your academic record that reflects courses completed by term.

3. How do I read a degree audit?

Please click on the following link for instruction on how to read the degree audit.

4. My degree audit is incorrect, what should I do?

If you believe your degree audit is incorrect, you should contact your advisor directly. If the change is within your minor contact your minor advisor, etc.

5. Why isn’t my major, concentration or minor displayed on my audit?

A major, concentration or minor will not appear on a degree audit unless officially declared by submitting the Change of Major form.

6. A substitution or waiver was made on my audit; why don’t I see it?

All updates require approval from your advisor.

7. My required courses are incorrect, what should I do?

If your degree audit does not match the curriculum or the Academic Catalog for the year you entered, please contact your advisor. A curriculum update will be processed with the approval of the school deans.

8. The placement of a course is wrong, what should I do?

The degree audit will place courses where they are required. However, a course could populate somewhere else. If a course is not populating correctly, place contact your academic advisor.

9. Where are the courses I transferred in?

Transferred courses will appear on the degree audit as the Regis equivalency. If you are a transfer student and you don’t see your approved transfer courses, please contact the director of advising. If you are a current student who receive approval to take an external course(s) and don’t see them displayed, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

10. I’m repeating a course; how will this be displayed?

Once a course is repeated the lower grade receives an “*” and is not calculated into the GPA. The Degree Audit will automatically place the higher grade into the requirement field. If this does not occur or the “*” is not indicated, please contact the degree audit analyst.

11. I’m interested in changing major, is there a "what-if" degree audit option?

Student have the option to run a "what-if" degree audit via Regis Access. Once you have logged on to Regis Access, go into your academic profile and from there click on degree audit. You will then see “What if I changed my program of study?” From this drop-down menu you will be able to choose the "what-if" major and see exactly where your progress will be if you switched majors. If you still have any questions, please meet with your advisor and also consider meeting with your new advisor.

12. Who should I contact if I still have questions?

Your first point of contact should be your academic advisor. However, you may contact the degree audit analyst.