Our Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

A space for groups and organizations to come together to drive solutions through a shared resource and information gathering for developing career pathways and a workforce pipeline in New England.


  • Increase access of job opportunities including marginalized groups.
  • Help expand the professional network of organizations looking to diversify and increase their workforce.
  • Encourage more employees to obtain the skills and education required to sustain themselves in the regional economy.

Membership Benefits

  • Focus on developing strategies that are designed to support career development and lead to employee success.
  • Support organizations to sustainably scale and grow.
  • Supporting career development for employee success and retention.
  • Peer-to-peer networking opportunities for professional investment.
  • Members include, but not limited to, organizations from health care, work force development, higher education, youth-focused, job readiness, and human services arenas.


  • Meetings take place four times a year (will include zoom and in-person meetings).
  • Meetings are rotated to different member’s campus/ location.
  • Create subgroups that specialize on certain topics/ workers.
  • Create open forums for information sharing and collaboration.

President's Workforce Development Council as of September 2023

Education (K-12)

Health Care Organizations

Youth Focused Organizations

Social Justice Organizations

Workforce Training Organizations

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