This page will be a repository to be used by the Regis College Workforce Development Council to assist the team as they continue to work toward their goals.

  • How AI is Changing the Future of Work
    Generative AI has the potential to change the future of work in America. This is a clear look at which jobs will be in demand and which ones may be at risk.
  • The AI Revolution in Healthcare is Coming
    The pandemic brought about an explosion in the use of telemedicine. Now, artificial intelligence is set to further transform health care.
  • How to Build Your Future Workforce Pipeline
    Very interesting article that provides four ways to build your pipeline for hospitals and health care
  • TPM Resource Guide
    This guide is an introduction into how-to developing stronger partnerships between community based organizations and employers to reduce barriers and expand opportunities for employment.
  • Public Health Forward: Modernizing the U.S. Public Health System
    The nation's resilience to current and future public health threats is largely dependent upon a modern U.S. public health system of state and local health departments that have the resources, capacities, and workforce to protect and promote health for all Americans.
  • Project MUSE
    John Hopkins University Press Article -Improving Health Care Career Pipeline for Underrepresented Students
  • Teacher Shortages
    As we think about building a pipeline for healthcare, the situation in high schools is something to be aware of