Classes for LLARC fill up! Apply early for the best chance of getting into your preferred Study Groups. Enrollment will continue thereafter on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. LLARC welcomes mature men and women of all faiths and backgrounds.
  2. For New Members, please use this form for your initial enrollment. You will then be sent a Student ID number to use in the registration process (#3).
  3. Click here to register for fall membership and courses.
  4. Or you could use this printable enrollment form (print extras for friends!)
  5. Choose from two levels of participation:
    1. Basic annual membership, including the Lunch, Listen and Learn program; or
    2. Basic annual membership plus tuition for the current semester in one or more seminars.
  6. You must be a member to enroll in courses and enjoy other benefits of membership. The membership fee is annual and is valid from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.
  7. The flat tuition rate covers all your study groups for the semester. Space is limited in all classes so enrollment is not guaranteed. A study group may be cancelled if enrollment is insufficient. We strongly encourage you to make alternate selections in case your top choices are filled. Don’t forget to indicate the total number of study groups in which you wish to be enrolled.
  8. You may be eligible for a credit based on enrollment in a course in the spring 2020 semester that was not held virtually. Credits will be applied on an individual basis. To apply for a credit, please contact the LLARC office. Credits may also be donated to the tax deductible Brady-Griffith LLARC Scholarship Fund. Details on the fund can be found here.
  9. Registrations will be processed beginning on July 11. All applications submitted by that date will be regarded equally for purposes of assigning places in each study group. Applications may be submitted early (and this is encouraged) but they will not be acted upon before July 11. On that date, if any study group is oversubscribed, enrollment will be by lottery. Anyone not enrolled will be placed on a waiting list. If paying by credit card, please use the button below; when prompted for a student ID number, please enter "LLARC".
  10. Confirmations will be mailed out weekly beginning July 18. We will confirm you initially for up to two study groups, if space is available. If we are then able to enroll you in an additional selection, we will email you and send you a supplemental confirmation. Study group leaders will communicate any preparation necessary for the first class meeting.
  11. Additional costs: You are responsible for the cost of books and other materials. Typically, you are expected to obtain books on your own and to buy other materials from the leader in class.