We fully understand the demands of clinical practice and appreciate your willingness to participate in this important teaching role!

As a preceptor, you may feel re-energized by mentoring, learning new information from students, and clarifying your own thinking as you mentor clinical reasoning. Another benefit is that advanced students have the potential to contribute to your clinic productivity. Additional benefits include:

  • Continuing Education Credits for graduate or undergraduate courses (on-campus or online)
    Preceptors receive course credits for every 240 hours they serve, which they can use to enroll in one free three-credit graduate or four-credit undergraduate course (online or on-campus). You also have the option of gifting this course to a friend or colleague.
    The Graduate Clinical Programs Office maintains a record of precepted hours and authorizes and emails vouchers to the preceptor and/or the designated facility contact at the end of each semester. To redeem, please send a copy of the voucher with your course invoice to the Bursar’s Office as partial-payment or payment (up to the value of the voucher). Vouchers are valid for 24 months from the issue date and can be transferred to anyone you choose.
    For questions or concerns about course vouchers, please email graduatenursingpracticum@regiscollege.edu.
  • Validation letters for (re)certification purposes.
  • Adding the title of "Visiting Clinical Instructor" to your resume.
  • Further developing leadership, teaching, and mentoring skills.
  • Relationship building with faculty and students at nationally recognized Center of Excellence in Nursing Education.
  • Satisfaction fostering the next generation of advanced practice nurses, at a time when these skills are much needed.

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