Colleen Fagan ABSN ’20 in Her Own Words

“I decided that I wanted to go into the health profession while I was in college. Unfortunately, I had to put those dreams on hold for a period of time. As I worked in the corporate world for a biotech, I realized that I wanted to be in the trenches with patients, as opposed to supporting them from afar. That is when I decided I wanted to be a nurse.

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I became familiar with Regis after researching the best ABSN programs. I wanted a school that had a strong support system comprised of professors, admin support and career counselors. Further, I wanted an institution that would go the extra mile to ensure we had the best clinicals, the best courses, the most up to date information and prepared us to go into the workforce. I had been looking at a number of schools including Northeastern and MCPHS. I chose Regis because of the interactions I had with the faculty and staff members. Simply put, they made me feel as though they would best equip me for the future.

My clinical is at BWH [Brigham and Women’s Hospital] on the cardiovascular floor. Thus far, our clinical instructor has been amazing. She is extremely supportive and pushes us to push our limits. She works with us so we feel comfortable interacting and treating patients.

Our clinical instructor in the first semester stressed to us that it is so important to use your resources. Without using your resources, be it other nurses, doctors, LNAs/CNAs, PAs, or the internet/external resources you will not be able to give your patients the best care possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or admit that your knowledge base doesn’t cover something. It is ok to ask for help.

I would strongly recommend Regis due to the professionalism of the staff, the way they go the extra mile for the students, and the all-encompassing information that you gain at Regis.”

Millis, MA, native Colleen Fagan received her initial Bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University.

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