Taylor Bronson ‘19 ABSN in Her Own Words

“I worked as an EMT for three years. While working in that field, I had many interactions with nurses. I learned a lot from those nurses throughout my career as an EMT. I decided nursing was my path at this time. I wanted to be able to work in a job where I would have direct patient interactions and be able to make a small difference in someone’s life.

You need to work hard to complete this program. Staying organized and having study groups is what really helped me get through.

I had Professor Carroccino for Professional Nursing, which was one of my first Regis classes. She used humor and visuals to help us understand the material. There are so many things I learned from her in that one class that I still carry with me to this day. She made a huge impact on my classmates and I and really helped us feel at ease, despite how rigorous the program was.

Right now, my dream job is emergency nursing. However, there is still so much to explore in the field of nursing so I’m trying to keep my options open. Getting my doctorate is definitely on the list.

Bradford, MA. native Taylor Bronson received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UMass Amherst.

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