Each year, students who have completed their associate’s degree decide that they would like to continue their education by earning a full bachelor’s degree.

They make this decision for a number of reasons—a desire to earn a higher salary, move into a field that they are passionate about, or simply complete a goal that they always wanted to achieve. Some of these students don’t stop at earning their bachelor’s degree, but continue furthering their education by earning a master’s degree or beyond.

If you’ve finished your associate’s degree (or you still have a few semesters left), and you’re starting to think about what your next steps will be, it’s never too soon to start evaluating your options.

To help you get a sense of what you can expect from bachelor’s completion programs, below we’ve compiled the following stories from three students who earned their associate’s degrees and then decided to complete their bachelor’s degree through Regis North.

Kristina Stoddard

Kristina Stoddard

Graduating Year: 2021

Field of Study: BA in Public Health

Kristina Stoddard, a 2021 graduate from the Regis North Bachelor's Degree Completion program, is one of the many students who tackled various hurdles on her educational journey. This of course includes a global pandemic, which none of us planned.

In her daily life, Kristina is a mom of five children, including four teenagers. During her studies, she worked overnight shifts as a Phlebotomist at Winchester Hospital.

When the pandemic hit, Kristina was overcome by the challenges of online learning, being an adult learner, and was hurled into the role of teacher and technology assistant to her five children, who were home virtually learning alongside her.

Kristina credits her family for their immense support and encouragement during COVID-19 as she worked diligently to gain her degree.

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Kristina persisted with her education during the global crisis to graduate with her BA in Public Health.

“It’s never too late to finish something you started, and you are never too old to make a difference,” says Kristina. “I started this just to prove to myself that I could, and to find a career where I could make better money. But studying public health and really understanding the social determinants of health and how they affect people, I am now deciding that I want to study and earn my master's degree—not to make more money but to make a difference!”

What she’s doing now: Kristina is now working toward her master’s in teaching special education (MEd) at Regis College.

Kayla Cutter

Kayla Cutter

Graduating Year: 2018

Field of Study: BA in Public Health

Kayla graduated from NECC in 2015 and realized that her current profession wasn’t for her. She looked back on her prerequisites in the medical field and felt called to a career in public health. In researching her options, she found Regis North and decided to complete her bachelor’s degree in public health.

As a student at Regis, Kayla took a variety of courses and completed an internship. Through that experience, she discovered a passion for global health and nutrition.

“I really enjoyed my experience at Regis North and realized social work is my passion,” Kayla says. “The faculty and internships helped me connect how public health and social work come together.”

What she’s doing now: Kayla was promoted by her employer while still enrolled in her program. After graduation, she was promoted a second time and is now the program director of a group home. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Social Work (MSW) program at Regis College.

Olivia Paquette

Olivia Paquette

Graduating Year: 2018

Field of Study: BA in Public Health

After attending NECC for six years and accruing credits, Olivia was still unsure of where she wanted to go in her career. Her advisor recommended Regis North and explained that the Public Health program would align with her goals of helping those in her community.

As a student at Regis, Olivia completed an internship where she started working at a health clinic. It was in this role that she discovered a passion for women’s and maternal health. Her work extended to include helping those impacted by the opioid epidemic.

What she’s doing now: After completing her degree at Regis, Olivia became a welcome family program coordinator, as well as Early Intervention Program coordinator. She supports women’s access to the resources they need as new mothers. She is currently enrolled in the Master’s in Public Health at Southern New Hampshire University.

The First Step Toward the Rest of Your Life

Regardless of your specific personal and career goals, making the decision to complete your bachelor’s degree will bring a number of benefits that make it very worthwhile. Higher pay, greater job security, and more diverse employment opportunities are among the greatest benefits, but it’s also important to note the personal satisfaction that comes with setting your sights on a goal and taking the steps necessary to reach it.

If you’ve already earned an associate’s degree and are interested in completing your bachelor’s degree, the good news is that in many cases, you can transfer the credits you’ve already earned and apply them to your bachelor’s. This won’t just shorten how long it will take to complete your degree, but will also help you save money in the long run.

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