Military medics who are returning to civilian life have an enormous amount that they can offer to the medical industry. Their experience in the field and acquired medical knowledge would be a valuable addition to any medical organization. However, finding these positions may prove to be a challenge, especially as the modern job search environment changes rapidly.

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Fortunately, as a military veteran, you have multiple options when it comes to career resources in your pursuit of a nursing career in Massachusetts. Whether you are looking to network with like-minded professionals, improve your resume, or search for jobs, there are several tools you can utilize in order to expand your nursing career options. Check out some of our recommended resources below.

Career Resources for Veterans Looking to Become a Nurse


USAJOBS is a federal job board that will let you search for all federal jobs in the state of your choice. Not only can you narrow down your search specifically to nursing job openings, but the site also offers a “veteran’s preference” as well as other veteran hiring options that will put you in a better position for the job search. Just upload the required documents like your DD-214 and resume, and recruiters will be able to find your profile on the platform and reach out with interest. Of course, it helps to be proactive and continue your applications to various jobs as well.

2. LinkedIn

You may have heard of LinkedIn as a social media platform, but in your job search, you should think of it as less a social media platform and more a professional networking and job search platform. Build a profile, add some people in your current network, and even build out your network with new connections by finding other veterans in your shoes that you can develop a relationship with.

LinkedIn also allows you to search people from your alma mater or geographical region and connect with people in the same industry. Making organic connections will eventually be a great benefit when you’re actively looking for jobs and perhaps need a mentor or an insider’s tip to an application.

LinkedIn is also home to countless job postings, for some of which you can easily apply to with your LinkedIn profile. So make sure to utilize this popular platform for both networking and job applications.

3. Veterans Service Organizations

This is a broad category as there are many Veteran Service Organizations that provide a range of resources, some of which include career services. Find the one that works best for your needs and utilize the resources available to you! Here are some organizations you can reach out to:

Connecting with these organizations can help you obtain the support you need in order to make the transition to the civilian world as smooth as possible.

4. Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA)

The Massachusetts Nurses Association was founded in 1903 and remains an influential voice in the nursing and healthcare industry of Massachusetts. They have career services that were created to aid registered nurses with employment and career development in the state of Massachusetts specifically, hosting a number of open job positions on their website. You can also visit their Resume Primer to get tips on upgrading your resume, or contact them directly for assistance. They can also help with returning to school or entering a nursing program.

5. National Nurses United

National Nurses United is the largest union and association of registered nurses in the United States. They offer career resources all over the country ranging from continuing education to online university programs – with scholarships. Plus, they are affiliated with the US Department of Veterans Affairs and work together to support veteran nurses. Utilize their large network and stay up-to-date with Massachusetts-specific news on their Massachusetts page!

6. Your University’s Careers Services

Last but not least, don’t forget to return to your alma mater and explore your university’s career center and its offered services. All universities have a career services department whose sole purpose is to help their students and alumni develop their careers and find jobs, regardless of how many years it has been since you’ve completed your degree.

For example, the Graduate Career Services at Regis College offers employer partnerships that open more doors for job opportunities, career information sessions, and individualized career coaching for resumes, cover letters, interviews, networking, and even LinkedIn utilization. Most universities also have a school-specific job board only accessible to the students, graduates, and alumni of that university, courtesy of employer partnerships and alumni connections. In fact, you may find jobs through your university that you wouldn’t find on other popular job boards like LinkedIn or USAJOBS.

Returning to a civilian career after military service is not easy, but these nursing career resources aim to aid military medic veterans specifically and hopefully smoothen the transition. For further assistance, you can check out our guide to transitioning from military medic or corpsman to nurse for more tips and resources. We wish you the best in your career endeavors!

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