This program is for registered and registry-eligible technologists in all medical imaging modalities are candidates for the bachelor of science degree in General Medical Imaging.

Core Credits
Per Credit
Total Cost of Core Credits

Program Highlights

  • No clinical needed
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Start any semester
  • Transfer 65-90 credits from previous Radiography program!
  • Length of the program depends on previously-completed coursework
  • To earn a BS degree 30 credits must be taken at Regis
  • Students graduate in 12/16 months, part-time or flexible

Medical Imaging Core Requirements

Course Credits Traditionally Completed
MI 408 Leadership in Medical Imaging 3 Fall
ID-304 Exploring Ethics 3 Any Semester
MI 473 Quality Management in Imaging 3 Spring
MI 476 Seminar: Medical Imaging 4 Fall
IPE-306 Research Methods in Health Professions 3 Spring or Summer
MI-650 Pathology Across Radiology Modalities 3 Summer
Total 19  
  • Already Completed with AS Radiography

    Course Credits
    Associate Degree in Radiography 55
    EN-105 Writing Seminar I 3
    EN-106 Writing Seminar II 3
    Natural Science 1 Requirement
    (Anatomy and Physiology I may fulfill this requirement)
    Natural Science 2 Requirement
    (Course outside of Biology may fulfill this requirement)
    Total Transferable 69
  • General Electives Courses

    Course Credits
    MA-210 Statistics 3
    History Requirement 3
    Literature Requirement 3
    Philosophy Requirement 3
    Religion Requirement 3
    Expressive Arts Requirement 3
    Social Science 1 Requirement 3
    Social Science 2 Requirement 3

    * 3 general electives must be completed at Regis.