Shannon Hogan, PhD

Assistant Professor

Watson-Hubbard Science Center
Department STEM

Mailing Address

Regis College

235 Wellesley Street
Weston, MA 02493


    Dr. Hogan, an assistant professor in the STEM department at Regis, began his career as a senior scientist for IDEXX Laboratories, a principal scientist at Dyax Corp., a Consultant at Adnexus Pharmaceuticals, and a Visiting Scientist at Harvard Medical School, before applying his professional experience to teaching in higher education. Prior to joining Regis College, he also served as an adjunct professor in the biology departments at Boston College and Emmanuel College.

    As an experienced educator and scientist, he's played an active role in teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students at the university level and in the biotechnology industry throughout his career. Dr. Hogan's teaching focuses on preparing students for their future careers in graduate school, medical school, or the industrial sector.

    For his PhD, Dr. Hogan designed assays that were highly accurate in identifying and quantifying RNA viruses in drinking water. After graduate school, he went into the biotechnology industry for 14 years. There, he spent the majority of his time designing technology that served to produce biotherapeutics for cancer and autoimmune diseases. He have a number of journal articles, posters, and patents representing this work.

    At Regis, Dr. Hogan teaches a variety of courses including, but not limited to, virology, environmental microbiology, and microbiology. He is also the lead professor for the Laboratory Operations Management (LOM) minor. LOM courses focus on biological and chemical safety as well as the handling and care of animals. The course also focuses on students obtaining online certifications and cover letter and resume writing. Students are trained to prepare these documents and apply to jobs in both academic and industrial sectors. Through these courses, students have obtained positions at Weill Cornell Medical School, The Innovation Institute, Evelo Biosciences, Senda Biosciences, Boston Children’s Hospital, ScribeAmerica, as well as other industry and academic related positions.


    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Virology, University of New Hampshire, 1998

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