A more detailed description of required and recommended coursework can be found here.


First Year

  • Two semesters of General Biology (BI 103/BI 104)
  • Two semesters of General Chemistry (CH 103/CH 104)
  • Two semesters of English

Second Year

Third Year

Kaplan Preparation Courses

Aspiring doctors are required to take the MCAT to enroll in medical school. Students applying to dental school will need to take the DAT exam and those applying to veterinary school will need to take the GRE. For these exams, the university currently has an agreement with Kaplan to run review courses on campus providing our students with a substantial discount.

Regis Honors Program

Students are also encouraged to apply to the Regis Honors Program and become involved in the American Medical Students Association's (AMSA) pre-medical chapter and other groups on campus to demonstrate their strengths in areas inside and outside the classroom.