Use of any Regis technology, software, or information resource constitutes acceptance of the following agreement:

I understand that for the purpose(s) of performing work and/or pursuing an education at Regis College, I am provided access to computers, computer networks, the internet, data, and other Regis College technological and information resources. I will use Regis College technological and information resources for legitimate academic and administrative purposes only in accordance with the mission and values of Regis College. I agree to use these resources in an ethical manner, and to adhere to high moral, legal, and professional standards. I also agree to the following:

  • I will not attempt to access password–protected systems for which I do not have an assigned password.
  • I will not share my password(s) or personal identification number (PIN) with anyone. I understand that I am responsible for all actions performed on my account(s). I will take the precautions necessary to prevent unauthorized use of my account(s).
  • I will not attempt to access personal or confidential information unless authorized to do so. I will respect the privacy rights of others.
  • I will not disclose confidential information.
  • I will not impersonate other individuals or misrepresent myself in any way when using Regis College technological resources.
  • I will not use computers, computer networks, the internet, data, and/or other Regis College technological and information resources to harass, threaten, defame, or otherwise cause harm or damage to another person, institution, or company within or outside the Regis College community.
  • I will comply with the copyright laws and provisions of the licensing agreements which apply to software, printed and electronic materials, graphics, multimedia, and all other technological resources licensed and/or purchased by Regis College or accessible over network resources provided by Regis College.
  • I will not create, install, or disseminate software (e.g., viruses, trojan horses) or communications (e.g., chain letters, broadcast messages) that may disrupt, overcrowd, or otherwise harm or degrade Regis College technological and information resources, or other network resources available through Regis College.
  • I will not use obscene, offensive and/or intolerant language, nor access obscene, offensive and/or intolerant pornographic images. The determination of what is obscene, offensive and/or intolerant is within the sole discretion of the university.

By using Regis College technology resources, I accept these obligations and agree to abide by them. Violations of this policy may result in the loss of computing privileges, probation, suspension and/or dismissal from the university. Additionally, misuse of any technological and information resource will require financial restitution to the university for funds expended, and could result in disciplinary, civil or criminal action. Violations should be reported directly to the Regis College Police Chief.