Your future begins here.

Regis students pursue diverse majors, but they all share a common curriculum that develops skills in academic inquiry, communication, and reasoning.

Our Core Curriculum is inspired by Regis’ rich heritage in the values of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. Through Regis’ innovative First-Year Seminar and courses in English composition, mathematics, religious studies, philosophy, and ethical reasoning and analysis, students develop academic skills and intellectual frameworks necessary for success in their majors and in lifelong learning.

Pursuing higher education truly is an investment in your future and there are few things that yield such high returns. In fact, 97 percent of our students are employed or attending graduate school six months after graduation. Our students also develop lifelong memories and lasting friendships with peers, faculty, staff––all of whom will help to shape their academic experience.

Deciding where to apply and attend can be a challenge and Regis College wants to help ensure admitted students feel right at home. We offer rigorous academic programs, close-knit classrooms, opportunities for international students and studying abroad. We are committed to nurturing students into leaders eager to make a difference in their communities and around the world.

Expanding your options and opportunities.

Whether students seek admission in an undergraduate, graduate degree, or a professional advancement certificate, Regis College has their aspirations at heart.

Keeping students’ needs in mind, we offer four schools, 75 programs, 1,000 courses, and 650 areas of study in different formats––on-campus, off campus, online, or in a hybrid setting.