Benefits of our Student Mentorships

Students in the MA in Strategic Communication program will be required to participate in a Mentorship. Our mentors are alumni who have graduated from the master level communication programs at Regis. Students are strategically paired with a mentor based on the student’s professional interest with a mentor’s current work and industry focus. The goal of the mentorship is to help students:

  • Build networks and industry connections
  • Gain insight on their industry of interest
  • Receive academic and professional support through authentic relationships

To summarize their experience, students will write a reflection paper about their mentorship during their capstone course.

Meet Some of our Industry-Leading Mentors

Tara Holt head shot

Tara Holt

MS in Organizational Communication, 2016
Employer: Granicus
Role: Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Industry: Public Sector/Software

“My Regis graduate communication degree gave me a great foundation in marketing, helped me hone my communications skills, and gave me the confidence to jump forward in my career.”
Jennifer Thomas headshot

Jennifer Thomas

MA in Strategic Communication, 2020
Employer: New Hampshire Audubon
Role: Membership and Development Coordinator
Industry: Non-profit Fundraising and Communication

“My Regis graduate degree helps me every day! I feel empowered to make educated decisions. I think scenarios through, and trouble-shoot as needed. I also feel better prepared to take on leadership roles, including leading planning meetings for events and working with volunteers.”
Kate Murphy head shot

Kate Murphy

MS in Organizational Communication, 2020
Employer: MFS Investment Management
Role: AVP, Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications
Industry: Asset Management

“In corporate communications, we have the unique position to help plan, message and deliver various initiatives throughout the firm. This degree has expanded my capabilities in many ways - from strategic communication planning to storytelling and crisis communication.”
Robert Nelson headshot

Robert Nelson

MS in Organizational Communication, 2017
Employer: Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
Role: Director of Student Experience and Communications
Industry: Higher Education/Non-profit

“I was able to develop the knowledge needed to operate with companies and their social corporate responsibility. Now, I decided to become a mentor to have the opportunity to give back.”

Michaela Tosone

MA in Strategic Communication, 2021
Employer: The Kraft Group
Industry: Management and Operations

"I became a mentor to help future master’s degree candidates through the same struggles I either witnessed or experienced myself."