This 42-credit-hour program can be completed in as few as seven semesters over a 27-month time period. Half of your credits will result from concentrated study in your public health specialty.

MPH Foundational Courses

PBH 600 Biostatistics3
PBH 635 Contemporary Issues in Environmental Health3
PBH 633 Epidemiological Methods3
HP 601 Health Ethics and Law3
HP 602 Concepts in Health Administration3
PBH 611 Social and Behavioral Sciences3
PBH 632 Applied Practice Experience3
PBH 636 Integrated Learning Experience - Capstone3

Epidemiology Concentration

PBH 614 Observational and Interventional Study Design3
PBH 615 Data Management and Analysis3
PBH 616 Advanced Analysis of Epidemiologic Studies3
PBH 617 Infectious Disease Epidemiology3
PBH 618 Chronic Disease Epidemiology3
PBH 619 Advanced Epidemiologic Methods3

Health Policy and Management Concentration

PBH 622 Health Policy Analysis3
HP 609 Health Policy, Politics and Perspectives3
HP 622 Economics of Health Care3
PBH 623 Contemporary Issues, Special Populations, and Policies3
PBH 624 State Health Policy3
PBH 625 Health Policy and Program Information3