Regis College's Pre-Occupational Therapy (OT) curriculum helps students prepare for the challenges of the premiere OT programs throughout the United States.

OT programs do not require any particular major. Students should select a major based on academic strengths and interests. Common majors for our pre-OT students are psychology, exercise science, and therapeutic recreation. Many other majors, however, are possible.

Here is a list of common prerequisite courses that Regis offers for students interested in applying for our top-tier OT programs when they graduate.

Course Subject # of Semesters Regis Course Number to fulfill requirement
Anatomy and Physiology w/lab Two semesters BI 105, BI 106
Biology One semester of general biology with lab BI 203, BI 209
Psychology Two to three semesters required by most programs PS 203 Introduction to Psychology, PS 309 Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology: PS 233 and PS 307
Math Programs require one semester MA 210 Statistics
Physics Some programs require one semester PY 213, PY 214
Chemistry Some programs require one semester CH 103
Other Classes that might be applicable:
  • Kinesiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Motor Learning
  • Gross Anatomy (required by Boston University)
Check for specific program requirements HFS 314 Motor Learning, HFS 316 Kinesiology, BI 212 Pathophysiology
Social Sciences One to two semesters SO 201 Sociology

Applying to OT Programs

A centralized application service is available through the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service (OTCAS). Applications are typically submitted a year before a student expects to enroll in a professional program. Submissions begin in mid-July with most schools viewing applicants on a rolling basis. It is highly encouraged to apply early in the submission process.

Most OT programs require that students complete the GRE which is administered through Education Testing Service (ETS).