HP 602 Concepts in Health Administration3
HP 619 Research Methods for the Health Professions3
HP 609 Health Policy, Politics, and Perspectives3
HP 635 Health Information Systems6
HP 601 Health Ethics and Law3
HP 608 Health Care Quality Management3
HP 622 Economics of Health Care3
HP 626 Sociological, Political, and Economic Perspectives in Gerontology3
HP 614 Financial Analysis in Health Administration3
HP 648 Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations3
HP 620 Field Experience in Health Administration (100 Field Experience Hours) 13

Graduate in as few as 24 months without experience or in 20 months with experience. 1

33 credit hours for those with field experience waiver 1
36 credit hours for those who require field experience

11/12 required courses (six semesters or five with semesters with experience) six foundation courses, five core courses, one field experience if no experience 1 16-week courses (HP 648 and HP 620)

Degree conferred: Master of Science in Health Administration

  1.  HP 620 Field Experience may be waived for those who have at least two years of work experience in a relevant health care setting, with at least one year in a managerial role, subject to the approval of the program director. A managerial role is defined as one in which the student may have managed staff, a program, or a project, as determined by the program director.